Webinar: Using Simulation for Manufacturing Process Improvement

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febbraio 21st 2018 11:00 AM CST - febbraio 21st 2018 12:00 PM CST





Join Our Webinar about Simulation and the Digital Twin for Industry 4.0!

Many companies today are striving to find new ways to improve manufacturing processes to achieve higher productivity, lower costs, and become more competitive in today’s demanding global market. Simulation is an effective tool to help accomplish these goals. 

Today’s manufacturer is facing a number of challenges when trying to analyze, evaluate and improve their production processes. There are many variables and conditions that are making it difficult to understand where there may be opportunities for improvement, as well as to determine what the best change should be. Even in today’s digital world, Excel and/or paper remain the most common tools of choice to manage data in manufacturing enterprises. However, these can be very time-consuming, are prone to inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and often do not provide the data that is desired or valuable to your business.

The solution is digital. The latest manufacturing simulation technologies, such as the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, are powerful tools that can be used to help detect, prevent and eliminate problems and interruptions in production that otherwise would be very costly and time-consuming. The data gathered with the simulation tool can be used to implement corrective measures during production ramp-up, minimize the investment coat of production lines without jeopardizing required output, and help optimize the performance and energy usage of existing production systems. Many companies today are also looking for ways to improve material logistics and warehouse management, which is another capability offered by the simulation tool.

This webinar will provide a live demonstration on common problems experienced in manufacturing and how the simulation tool can be used to overcome them. Hyla Soft has extensive experience helping companies leverage simulation to solve manufacturing problems and expose a large breadth of information on the strengths and value of using the tool. The session will end with an open Q&A forum with our two experts.

Why Attend the Webinar?

  1. Learn how to detect areas of improvement within your manufacturing facility.
  2. Understand what type of data simulation can provide and how that data can be leveraged to make important improvement decisions.
  3. See how Plant Simulation tools can be used to enhance digital manufacturing and bring companies closer to Industry 4.0.

Your Presenters

Matt Scanlan 

Associate Partner and Practice Manager – Manufacturing Engineering

Over 10 years of experience in manufacturing IT solutions as both a technical lead and project manager. A strong background in MES, PLM, and Simulation technologies with a diverse range of industry knowledge. Has led project teams to successful delivery of solutions both in the US as well as Europe.

Carlos Ortega

Senior Simulation Analyst

11 years of experience in Digital Manufacturing, developing simulation models for companies in the Automotive, Aerospace, Transportation, Heavy, Consumer Goods, Appliances and Oil & Gas industries. Throughout my career, I have had many opportunities to collaborate with leading global experts and present my own work at simulation forums around the world. As a result, I have developed a very strong background and confidence leading a wide variety of projects and customer challenges.

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