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About the Customer

Vale is a Brazilian multinational diversified Metals & Mining corporation and one of the largest logistics operators in Brazil. In addition to being the third largest mining company in the world, the customer is also the largest producer of iron ore, pellets, and the second largest producer of nickel. In the electric energy sector, the corporation participates in consortia and currently operates nine hydroelectric plants.a

The Customer’s Need

Initially, the Hyla Soft team came to work with Vale as high-level product consultants on a large project to implement Siemens SIMATIC IT for MES across their production enterprise. New to the product, the customer turned to Siemens for support. Siemens partnered with Hyla Soft for the initiative, recognizing us as the solution partner with the strongest expertise and experience working with SIMATIC IT. The combined team was able to deliver both the product knowledge and industry know-how that the customer was seeking.

About the Project

Hyla Soft consultants completed a comprehensive quality assessment, identified (many) points for improvement, and designed and provided the guidelines to improve the MES solution in order to fulfill Vale's specific needs. In addition, our presence in Brazil allowed us to provide continuous local support to the customer.

Eventually, Hyla Soft’s expertise and project management capabilities led us to take on full governance of the company’s MES solution. We supported and executed a successful pilot MES rollout in the first of the corporation’s 50 Brazilian plants. A successful pilot led to deployment in 2 more plants shortly after. Our consultants provided full solution oversight and governance for the customer for many years, building a strong relationship with the customer's IT team and management that remains to today.

Hyla Soft’s Advantage

As is often the case, the benefits Hyla Soft provided to Vale were not a direct result of the product in scope alone. The real value we bring to our customers is our IT product and manufacturing industry expertise. Thanks to our depth of knowledge of the Siemens SIMATIC IT Suite as well as years of experience implementing it in the Mining & Metals sector, the customer chose us as the right system integrator for their MES implementation.

Hyla Soft and Siemens consultants worked together and were able to take their expertise and share it with the customer’s team, helping them prepare the solution and ultimately reach the point at which the system was ready to go live successfully. The services provided to the customer by Hyla Soft during this project include:

  • Quality Assessment
  • Process Improvement
  • Solution Governance
  • High-Level Consulting
  • Technical Product Expertise
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About the Customer

Magneti Marelli is an international group and leader in the design and production of high-technology components for the automotive industry. With more than 38,000 employees, 89 production plants, 12 R&D centers and 26 application centers, the group is currently present in 19 countries and is a major supplier for some of the best-known car manufacturers in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. With a combined annual turnover exceeding 6 billion euros, the company’s 3 main business lines include a Lighting Division, a Powertrain Control System Division, and an Electronics Division.

The Customer's Need

Initially, Hyla Soft started working with Magneti Marelli's Electronics Division through our long-standing partnership with Siemens. The solution in scope was a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) based on Siemens' SIMATIC IT Production Suite and Mechatronics Assembly Line (MAL) Library.

The particular production needs of the customer, combined with the specific demands of their clients, presented many challenges for the customer in terms of production. In accordance with the customer’s requests, the MES solution proposed was designed to:

  • Ensure that the correct production cycle was continuously followed in order to reduce repairs, scraps, and component waste
  • Track production operations on every produced item, along with additional information, such as properties, measures, and components used
  • Ensure MES control between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and the production lines

Following the deployment of SIMATIC IT for MES in all 3 of the customer’s European electronics plants, the customer started looking for a system integrator to support and help maintain the MES solution as well as to ensure that the new system would satisfy all of their requirements. As the Siemens solution partner with one of the strongest backgrounds working with SIMATIC IT for MES, Hyla Soft was chosen by the customer as their system integrator for this initiative.

About the Project

Hyla Soft consultants’ initial work for Magneti Marelli involved providing full Maintenance & Support for the customer’s existing MES solution in all 3 plants. As part of the solution governance agreement, our consultants are available and provide local support to the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, Hyla Soft consultants configure the SIMATIC IT product so that it continuously provides all of the core functionalities necessary to both satisfy the customer's specific production requirements and better respond to their own customers’ needs at the same time:

  • Process Interlocking – The system provides the ability to check on a range of standard and customized conditions in order to determine whether a process step should take place or not. It is up to the shop floor devices to send an interlocking request to SIMATIC IT and to conform to the response obtained.
  • Product Traceability – The system provides the ability to track any operation performed on produced items and property, to measure values, as communicated by shop floor devices, and to trace its genealogy in terms of components used during production.
  • Quality Management – The system provides the ability to track defects and quality issues found during analysis and/or test operations, as communicated by shop floor devices or operator screens. The system provides functionalities to assist the quality operator during repairs and to track the closure of open defects. 
  • Connection to Shop Floor Devices – Connectivity with shop floor devices is performed via text file exchange. Connectivity with standard or custom user screens developed by Siemens is performed with a combination of text file exchange and synchronous direct communication with SIMATIC IT MAL.

Hyla Soft's Advantage

In the next couple of years, our scope of work for Magneti Marelli will expand beyond just solution maintenance. With the support of Hyla Soft, the customer has decided to extend the MES solution to encompass all of the production lines in all 3 electronics plants. There is also an exciting new opportunity for Hyla Soft in the customer’s plant, which is exclusively dedicated to the production of electronics devices commissioned by some of their world-class automotive clients, including FIAT, Jeep, and BMW. Per the request of these big-name clients, the customer will be building additional production lines in the plant solely limited to the production of specific components for each automaker. Following their addition, Hyla Soft will be responsible for extending and implementing the MES solution to all newly-built production lines.

As always, however, our goal extends far beyond just this initiative. Hyla Soft aims to expand our work for the customer, grow the partnership, and create a long-term relationship. We foresee supporting new and different initiatives for the customer in the future, ranging from Supply Chain Management (SCM) to Production Scheduling to IT Training and beyond, and ultimately working with not only one but all three of the customer’s manufacturing divisions. Our company’s unique ability to offer end-to-end technology solutions to our clients makes us much more valuable than any other system integrator or consulting company in the world. Our ability to offer analysis, consulting, implementation as well as maintenance & support expertise and services from the shop floor to executive management levels and across all of our clients' manufacturing processes is the reason behind our success in helping our customers gain a competitive edge in their industry.

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