Tool & Resource Management

Managing Physical Tools on the Shop Floor

Managing resources such as cutting tools and fixtures are an important aspect of a manufacturing company. These resources are used to design and produce the company’s product. However, these resources may not always receive the same amount of respect as the design data. The design data is typically stored within a revision controlled environment, such as Teamcenter. Meanwhile, the Manufacturing Engineers and NC Programmers are retrieving the virtual cutting tools used in the creation of the NC Programs from a personal database or creating them as they are needed. The physical tools and fixtures are scattered around the manufacturing facility, with no way to track where these resources are or how many exist. When one of these resources are needed, a shop worker must stop producing the part and begin the search to find the required tool. If the search comes up empty, production must once again stop and wait for the shipment to arrive.

Source: Siemens Teamcenter - Manufacturing Resource Library

Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL)

These resources can be brought in and managed alongside of the design data within Teamcenter in the Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL). All resources stored within the Manufacturing Resource Library would contain defining attributes that would be used to search and filter for the desired item. This allows users to:

  • Easily manage tooling components and assemblies
  • Interface with tooling vendor catalogs
  • Save time when looking for resource data
  • Reuse proven processes and resources

Manufacturing Process Planner (MPP)

When MRL is used with Teamcenter Manufacturing Process Planner, it provides a full manufacturing environment which ties the product design to process design. Manufacturing Engineers will be able to assign these resources to the manufacturing bill of material (MBOM) and NC Programmers to use the tool assemblies to create the NC programs. When replacing a new tool or resource, an analysis can be done to determine which processes or operations needs to be updated, allowing for a reduced time to production.

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Tool And Resource Management
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May 29, 2012


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