Product Definition Management for Process Industry

What is Product Specification Management?

Product Specification Management is the processes an organization uses to develop, configure and manage their product specifications from raw materials through intermediate materials to the finished product, including Packaging components. This includes various work flow and approval processes which are implemented to maintain the quality of the products which are being developed as well as enhancing currently existing product lines.

Source: Siemens SIMATIC IT EBR

Benefits of Product Specification Management

Significant benefits can be derived by companies by standardizing their Product Specification Management systems and implementing structured solutions. These benefits include the ability to maximize the brand values of their organizations through the efficient processes and centralized product management of their specifications. They can also realize improved time to market along with a harmonization of their various product ranges. Centralized Product Specification Management systems also provided greater collaboration of a disperse product development team both nationally and internationally. Organizations can also reap signification benefits through more centralized purchasing focusing on strategic partners in different markets and different supply chains.

Hyla Soft's Expertise

Hyla Soft has strong experience in working with various organizations implementing Product Specification Management Systems which implement specific workflows and product development life cycles to meet the needs of our clients. These functions cover all product related intellectual property including characteristics, quality, formula, recipes, production methods as well as other needs which our clients require. Our expertise spans the entire system implementation life cycle and includes experience helping our clients transition from their current (often paper or static electronic document based) systems to a much more efficient and integrated streamlined process with tighter controls to enforce their organizational standards.

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