Order Promising

Order Promising is the administration of your manufacturing and business processes related to orders for goods or services and is a vital aspect of an efficient supply chain. Order Promising allows you to consolidate supply and demand information from multiple transaction systems to provide a consolidated global picture of supply and demand. Order Promising helps manufacturers propose accurate customer order delivery dates by analyzing warehouse availability and the master production plan.

Hyla Soft's proven Order Promising solution is able to provide a complete picture of supply and demand in order to allow for reliable and time-effective commitment of delivery, considering the availability of stock, the production master plan and the rules of fair share.


Source: sedApta Software Suite

Features of Order Promising:

  • Customer Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Order Delivery Date Calculation
  • Heuristics Management
  • What-If Analysis
  • Advanced Algorithms

Benefits of Order Promising:

  • Customer service improvement
  • Guarantee of promised delivery dates
  • Stock level control and reduction
  • Inventory cost reduction

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