Electronic Work Instruction (EWI) Design

What are Electronic Work Instructions (EWI)?

Electronic Work Instruction (EWI) is a web-based application that helps communicate manufacturing content to the shop floor. This solution ensures manufacturing documentation is available on demand, assuring the most current and most accurate information is displayed. Shop floor users are able to communicate back to specific departments, engineering or planning for example, of any issues occurring through Teamcenter workflows. Thus, promoting production efficiency and preventing rework.

The Electronic Work Instruction (EWI) interface is easy-to-use for shop floor operators, providing a user-friendly display. EWI functionality enables quick rendering of 3D data and allows users to visualize and manipulate data within simple navigation windows.


Source: Siemens Teamcenter - Electronic Work Instructions

Overview of EWI Features:

  • Teamcenter Header: Shows Teamcenter information of the structure currently open in the application, including Item ID, Item Name and Item Revision. This view is capable of including both process and product structure data.
  • Work Instructions: Shows work instructions of the loaded structure, both Cortona3D and Work Instruction Items. The work instructions can contain textual work instructions, as well as icons or pictures. This view can also open the work instruction in the designated application used to edit and view the attachment.
  • Viewing Tabs: Different viewing tabs are configured for EWI to display various information that has been created in Teamcenter MPP, including Viewer, Documents, Animations, Activities, etc. These will show the attachments of the object selected in the structure view, including 3D model, 2D drawing, image captures and mark-ups, related documents (supports office documents, pdfs, html reports, etc.), Cortona3D animations and movies, parts lists, tool lists and problem reports.
  • Problem Report: Allows operators to create an issue or problem report directly from the shop floor. This functionality permits users to identify changes or updates to process instructions found on the shop floor through text and pictorials. These updates are driven through a Teamcenter change management workflow for manager or engineer approval. This connection between EWI and Teamcenter promotes quicker change requests of manufacturing processes or products getting to the production floor.
  • Navigation Keys: This view is used to navigate through the sequential flow of processes, operations or activities within the selected object.

Benefits of EWI:

  • Ensure latest up-to-date information is provided to shop floor, enhancing product quality, lessening rework and saving time
  • Support collaboration between Engineering and Manufacturing – EBOM, MBOM, BOP
  • Support change management between Engineering, Manufacturing and Shop Floor
  • Streamlined communication to the plant floor
  • User-friendly interface for assembly operators
  • Closed-loop manufacturing and quality processes
  • Promote a paperless environment on the shop floor
  • Report creation of build plans, including work instructions, images, shop notes or design mark-ups

Why Do Companies Need EWI?

  • Aerospace companies: must follow specific quality standards; this will help attain quality targets when getting the latest information to the shop floor, reduces rework and heightens communication between multiple areas during change processes. Many of these companies have home-grown systems that are not integrated with their data storage systems. In this case, we have an application that is fully integrated with a database that can manage both engineering and manufacturing data, directly correlating out to the shop floor.
  • Heavy Machinery: an industry with large production scale that includes development and production of areas that don’t come together until late in the design process or even in manufacturing stages. This can cause work instructions that do not contain enough detail, insufficient detail or lack of visual graphics. Teamcenter, with the incorporation of EWI, can enhance details of the process plan, providing graphics, appropriate order of operations and functionalities to provide clean and concise work instructions.

Hyla Soft’s Expertise

Hyla Soft has worked on many successful implementations of Electronic Work Instructions, across multiple industries. Overall, we have witnessed customers who invest considerable less time in the creation of work instructions with a much higher quality of content. A consistent format is used company-wide and exceedingly accepted by operators and assemblers at the plant floor level. Higher rates are witnessed for companies meeting quality targets, since work instructions are automatically updated due to the direct correspondence with the Teamcenter database. Change Management is also greatly improved since communication between engineering, manufacturing and the shop floor has become streamlined.

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