Project Management Office (PMO)

Project Management for Manufacturing

As many organizations are realizing, Project Management Office (commonly known as PMO) has become essential in the management of large IT projects. Projects that have multiple vendors, are high risk, or involve several regions need a central group to properly report, standardize, and manage. Without a PMO in place, these types of projects can quickly spin out of control.

Finding well qualified PMO members for IT projects can be difficult. Finding well qualified PMO members for manufacturing IT projects is even harder. Although management skills are a requirement for any IT project manager, that is just one aspect in the skills needed for assembling a manufacturing PMO team. In the engineering field, a person responsible for building a bridge should not be asked to manage a project to build an airplane. Similarly, IT project managers without manufacturing experience will not have the proper background to be part of a manufacturing PMO team.

Expert Consulting Team

At Hyla Soft, every consultant has hands on experience in a manufacturing environment. The majority of them have spent significant time working onsite with plant managers, gaining valuable expertise in manufacturing practices and operations. This experience gives many advantages to project managers, such as insight into risk management, understanding the best way to report progress, and even understanding the lingo used by subject matter experts. This real world experience is one of the reasons why Hyla Soft has success in managing a PMO.

Hyla Soft's Advantage

Hyla Soft has been involved in many large scale projects spanning several industries. This wealth of experience has given Hyla Soft’s project managers the needed manufacturing skills for managing a PMO team. Additionally, the PMO team members at Hyla Soft have gained significant experience from previous PMO projects. These types of skills include providing structure to multiple projects taking place within a company, establishing and maintaining standardized processes, risk management, project planning, and resource management.

Hyla Soft has years of experience and practice in a vast array of manufacturing industries and technologies. This strong manufacturing capability, combined with core IT project management skills and our company’s global presence, makes Hyla Soft the optimal partner in PMO consulting services.

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