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Hyla Soft is dedicated to forming long-lasting relationships with our clients, and this relationship does not end once a software system has been built and delivered. Most systems require some degree of ongoing Maintenance & Support to keep them running at optimal efficiency and to address new business needs that arise after a project concludes.

Our consultants put the same knowledge, effort and passion into delivering support services to line operators and shift managers as they do into designing and implementing a solution for a chief executive. Whether you need occasional phone support, a permanent on-site resource, or anything in between, Hyla Soft can provide the Maintenance & Support needed to ensure that your business processes stay up and running.

We believe that full cooperation and engagement throughout the entire software development cycle is essential to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. When you work with Hyla Soft, you can count on our commitment to support your interests throughout the project and to support our software solution for as long as is necessary.

Hyla Soft’s Maintenance Program

Hyla Soft’s Maintenance Program adds strategic value to all software solutions with a high-value mix of Standard and Optional Services, including:

Standard Services:

  • Help Desk
  • Remote Support
  • Software Updates

Excellence Options:

  • Programming Maintenance for Product and/or Solution
  • Corrective On-Site Services for Product and/or Solution
  • Dispatch Services
  • Service Manager

Our Maintenance Program leverages the optimal balance between preventive and reactive measures based on the newest technologies available and completed by a team of highly-skilled support engineers. In addition, our global capabilities enable us to provide worldwide support to customers with a valid maintenance contract in place.

Our customers can choose between 2 different levels of support, per their specific needs and required Support Hours and Response Time:

* Response Time refers to the period of time between the customer’s request for support through the agreed channels and Hyla Soft’s answer to the request

Hyla Soft's support access is available to customers via our:

  • AskMe Desk Customer Online Portal, Hyla Soft’s web-based ticketing tool. Through Askme Desk customers can communicate all the information needed to specify their issue, submit tickets, monitor the status of opened tickets, track ticket history, print reports, etc.
  • Support Hotline, with direct phone lines operated by dedicated personnel to be used to report critical issues that are blocking production.


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