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Lean Transformation

The term ‘Lean Manufacturing’ has become a buzzword for instant success, now found in industries as diverse as finance and healthcare. The roots of Lean Manufacturing come from a set of methodologies to help manufacturers eliminate waste in all processes throughout the organization. Hyla Soft’s expertise in implementing Lean is driven by our deep understanding of the challenges manufacturers face and the tools they use to meet them.

Focus on Manufacturing 

Since the company’s founding in 2002, Hyla Soft has offered consulting services to the manufacturing industries.

Our consultants have deep experience at all levels of the manufacturing organization: from enterprise-level functions like resource planning, to plant-level functions like production scheduling, down to the lowest automation-level functions like robotics and machining. A consultant who’s done process improvement for a banking company will have trouble understanding the challenges faced by manufacturers during Lean implementation. Hyla Soft consultants understand manufacturing at a scale unrivaled by most other business consultants, and our deep knowledge helps us deliver sustainable Lean transformation.


In manufacturing, IT and business processes must work together seamlessly. As a leading systems integrator of manufacturing IT solutions, our technical expertise is a significant resource during Lean implementations.

For example:

  • Strategies to smooth material flow and reduce inventory are captured and verified in Plant Simulation software. Potential strategies are then compared and optimized before a costly implementation in a production environment.
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) and Lean material flow strategies are delivered by the plant’s Scheduling system to reduce inventory and WIP.
  • Business procedures are seamlessly captured by Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, which reduces error and rework and speeds business-critical processes.
  • Data collection and OEE systems empower manufacturers to minimize downtime of “bottleneck” equipment.

Plant-level systems like Scheduling, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and PLM are pillars of the day-to-day operation of manufacturers, and are therefore tightly linked to the success of a Lean implementation. Our deep experience with these systems helps us align the entire plant with the process improvements.

Quality & Six Sigma

Along with Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma has become a proven pillar of manufacturing excellence. Hyla Soft’s expertise in helping clients implement Six Sigma and Quality systems stems from our foundation for process improvement: unparalleled experience with manufacturing challenges and best practices, and world-class knowledge of manufacturing IT.

Quality programs including Six Sigma are especially linked to the right IT systems, since they rely on information about the process to help manufacturers make smart decisions. Here are some examples of solutions that Hyla Soft has leveraged to support Quality programs:

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) systems capture real-time process information and allow Quality personnel to understand causes of variation within their processes. SPC is recognized as a critical tool for ensuring Quality, and a foundation of Hyla Soft’s IT expertise.
  • Shop floor integration allows manufacturing personnel to capture “As-built” data, allowing Quality teams to understand deviations from the intended process.
  • Data collection systems, including Machine Data Acquisition (MDA) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) allow Quality teams to understand causes of variation in the process from shop floor equipment. For example: at an Injection Molding facility, MDA reveals that the injection pressure is lower than expected for the process, resulting in scrap parts and unhappy customers. This information allows Quality personnel to target the variation and take informed action.

Hyla Soft provides services to our customers in launching and supporting Quality and Six Sigma programs, including:

  • ROI analysis on Quality system or Six Sigma implementation
  • Quality system implementation
  • Six Sigma program implementation and workshops

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