Siemens SINUMERIK Integrate for Production

Challenges of CNC Machining

The potential for boosting productivity in the CNC environment lies in networking machines to capture production data and evaluate it transparently. With SINUMERIK Integrate for Production, Siemens offers a central platform that provides all the necessary modules for such analysis and data management.

Introducing SINUMERIK Integrate for Manufacturing

Directly from a leader in CNC technology, SINUMERIK Integrate for Production is the most comprehensive IT solution for machine tools on the market today. With SINUMERIK Integrate, resources can be networked and processes and production data centrally managed. The complete software package lies on a scalable server. The modules are installed on the server and clients on the machines. SINUMERIK Integrate connects the machineries to higher-level IT systems at the company level. Furthermore, SINUMERIK Integrate for Production can be integrated with MES, PLM, and other software solutions offered by Siemens’ wide software portfolio.

Through Hyla Soft’s partnership with Siemens SINUMERIK Integrate for Production, we can offer our customers the optimal IT products, tailored to the specific needs of the CNC machining production environment, as a result helping them achieve the maximal productivity potential of their manufacturing facility:

  • Manage MyPrograms (MMP)
  • Manage MyTools (MMT)
  • Analyze MyPerformace (AMP)


Source: Siemens SINUMERIK Integrate for Production - MMP

Manage MyPrograms (MMP)

Machining certain work pieces on a machine tool requires preparation, which is executed in different work steps, such as NC programming, test pieces, production planning, etc. To manage several part programs, a solution is required that organizes the files and distributes them to the correct machines. With Manage MyPrograms (MMP), SINUMERIK Integrate provides a powerful solution to efficiently organize and manage CNC programs on the shop floor.

Using Manage MyPrograms, CNC program data can be managed throughout the factory. This facilitates detailed planning of work pieces, jobs and series in the production environment. MMP is a scalable solution, used in a standard fashion under the SINUMERIK interface. Further, there are seamless and integrated solutions such as Teamcenter for managing all of the production-relevant master data and resources, which are integrated in a common database.

Manage MyPrograms supports a paperless production environment, as programs and additional product information are simply sent to the machines in the form of attachments (ex. drawings) from the production planning department. Further, it is ensured that the machine operator only sees the information relevant for production itself. With a click, he can access instructions and start machining, as well as edit the program and add comments. These changes can also be returned to production planning. Centrally managing NC programs save reduce idle time by allowing faster set up of new production batches and delivery of correct revisions to the machine. It also means better, more reliable interaction between operators and production planning.

Among many other benefits of the software, Manage MyPrograms is:

  • Convenient, allowing central NC program data management on the shop floor using different CNC controllers
  • Transparent, allowing management of additional manufacturing information via Electronic Work Instructions (EWI), such as work piece drawings, clamping, images, tool lists, etc.
  • Secure, allowing management of enabled IDs and additional file attributes for enhanced process reliability and distributed roles on the shop floor

Manage MyTools (MMT)

In modern machine shop operations, fewer and fewer machines are considered a standalone solution. If several machines are to be efficiently operated, then the tools required must be centrally and transparently managed. This is because in addition to the important and appropriate NC programs, clamping, measuring & testing resources, machines can only run productively if the necessary tools are readily available. With Manage MyTools (MMT), SINUMERIK Integrate offers an integrated and seamless software solution to manage the tool lifecycle.

Manage MyTools offers centralized tool data management accessible both from the server and SINUMERIK. MMT is a scalable application, and it is available for the latest generation of SINUMERIK 840D sl as well as on earlier versions of HMI Advanced. This functionality allows operators to seamlessly exchange appropriate tool data between various equipment on the shop floor.

The central server ensures that the machines are continuously synchronized to obtain a comprehensive overview of the tools with up-to-date information about the remaining tool lifetime. Worn tools and those required for machine maintenance are therefore taken into consideration in plenty of time when planning pending production jobs. Tools and tool master data can be managed and organized throughout the complete production environment using the additional link to Teamcenter. The advantage: the machinist can plan the tools required for the particular job directly at the machine, either manually or automatically. MMT helps to optimize resources and allows shorter set up times.

Advantages offered by Manage MyTools include:

  • Efficiency, as the tools required for production jobs are quickly identified
  • Transparency, as tools are managed throughout their lifecycle and across the entire machining floor
  • Reliability, as the tools required are mapped against the magazine assignment of the machines and the tool storage are; equipping dialog is reliable and automated

Analyze MyPerformance (AMP)

Today, in state-of-the-art machining environments, many machines and systems are interlinked with one another; production with a high degree of vertical integration and fast product changes results in a high degree of complexity. This means that data regarding Utilization, Availability, Performance and Quality of machines is crucial. If this data is incorporated in the calculation of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), this represents an important parameter regarding the productivity of the complete shop floor or system. With Analyze MyPerformance, SINUMERIK Integrate provides the highest degree of transparency over CNC machine utilization, thus maximizing performance throughout the entire shop floor.

Analyze MyPerformance determines OEE parameters from the production environment by acquiring machine states. These form the basis of increasing productivity on the shop floor. Furthermore, the application evaluates the operating data from all types of machines. Machines from a wide range of manufacturers are interfaced with all possible concepts and technologies.

AMP provides a set of predefined status information extendible to include customer-specific statuses, which are specifically tailored to the production process on the customer’s shop floor. As a result, a precise distinction can be made between production, set up, maintenance and other activities – and technical problems. Based on correctly analyzing the machine status, AMP can supply reliable data regarding the effectiveness of the complete plant. AMP therefore provides a comprehensive overview of the total productivity of the shop floor’s production landscape, and helps to identify bottlenecks, determine fault causes and take the appropriate corrective measures.

Many of the benefits experienced by customers with Analyze MyPerformance include:

  • Performance Enhancement, as machine productivity is evaluated by determining OEE parameters – such as Availability, Utilization, Performance and Quality
  • Transparency, through a wide range of evaluation options – from the real-time system images up to availability analysis and fault evaluation
  • Flexibility, by means of a scalable client-server solution for varying shop floor production environments, from Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to complex CNC

Capabilities of SINUMERIK Integrate for Production Suite

With SINUMERIK Integrate for Production, Siemens offers a CNC solution based on a single scalable server that has all of the following capabilities:

  • Connecting machine tools and other shop floor machines (ex. tool presetting devices, PC stations, automation equipment)
  • Managing all the applications from the same server (ex. tool management, DNC & NC program management, machine data acquisition and OEE analysis)
  • Interfacing with MES software (ex. Siemens SIMATIC IT), PLM software (ex. Siemens Teamcenter for Manufacturing), and CAD/CAM (ex. NX)

Hyla Soft's Expertise

Siemens’s proven, long-running experience in CNC technology, combined with Hyla Soft’s strong background in providing the highest-level consulting, implementation and support for the CNC industry’s IT environment, can give our customers a competitive advantage in their industry and help them achieve and ultimately surpass both their production and business goals.

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