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The Laboratory

All over the world, laboratories are under enormous pressure to do an ever-increasing amount of work with fewer employees and at lower costs. This situation is further complicated by the fact that laboratory regulations are continuously becoming more complex and stringent.

In order to address these challenges, Siemens offers SIMATIC IT Unilab, its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solution and a part of Siemens’ best-in-class suite for integrating R&D with manufacturing to drive innovation efficiency.

What is LIMS?

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a software-based system that allows you to effectively manage laboratory and associated data in order to improve lab efficiency. An effective LIMS supports a modern laboratory’s operations and enables you to automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage lab data and related information easily, quickly and reliably. LIMS also aims to make data and information easier to store, track, and assess over time and across experiments so that labs can evaluate and improve operational efficiency.

Siemens SIMATIC IT Unilab

SIMATIC IT Unilab for LIMS enables fast exchange of quality information all along a laboratory’s production workflow. Capable of covering multiple sites and involving many different departments, Unilab enables more reliable data management and makes efficiency at work easier for the various roles involved in laboratory and production test environment processes.

Whether as a stand-alone system or as an integrated part of Siemens SIMATIC IT R&D Suite, whether in smaller lab environments or as an enterprise LIMS, SIMATIC IT Unilab is one of the world’s leading LIMS solutions. Unilab’s unmatched system flexibility, configurability and security, as well as the solution’s strong presence and proven reliability in leading companies in the process manufacturing industry are just a few of the reasons why Hyla Soft leverages SIMATIC IT Unilab for our customers to drive improvements across their laboratory data and information management processes.

SIMATIC IT Unilab supports:

  • Quality through Efficient Quality Management – Industrial Quality Control (QC) laboratories have to ensure overall product conformity and quality. Unilab bridges the gap between the lab and production. It supports the shift from off-line analysis to at-line quality checks during production, as defined in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), with immediate feedback to the plant. As a result, Unilab optimizes decision-making, supports corrective action-taking, and drastically reduces scrap and rework.
  • Innovation through Efficient Time-to-Market – Research & Development (R&D) laboratories are the source of innovation and aim to bring new products to the market faster. Unilab includes tools for brand-watching, R&D and stability studies. As a core module of the SIMATIC IT R&D Suite, Unilab interacts closely with the R&D Suite’s formula management and Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) tools. As a result, Unilab allows scientists to make optimal use of their time and speeds up new product introductions.
  • Service through Optimal Lab Efficiency – Service laboratories have to increase customer satisfaction. Lab information has to be available 24/7 for customers in order to follow up their analysis. Unilab offers functionalities to support direct customer interaction, immediate cost calculation for analysis requests, and automated invoicing. As a result, Unilab reduces the number of entry errors, decreases administrative workload for the lab staff and increases customer satisfaction.

Hyla Soft & Unilab

As a long-standing Solution Partner of Siemens’ SIMATIC IT division, Hyla Soft has led and implemented numerous SIMATIC IT Unilab projects and initiatives for leading companies in different process manufacturing industries. Leveraging Unilab’s cutting-edge laboratory data management tools and our global team of expert consultants capable of providing end-to-end services including LIMS training, support, implementation and validation, Hyla Soft has helped customers streamline and simplify their quality data collection processes.

Here are just some of the benefits our clients have gained:

  • Paperless lab
  • Full integration with MES, PLM & ERP systems
  • Reduced scrap & rework
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Less lab administration
  • Eliminated application downtime
  • Cost-efficient compliance
  • Integrated quality management
  • Optimum lab automation
  • Greater lab efficiency
  • Less entry errors
  • Cost-efficient innovation

With Hyla Soft leading the way, SIMATIC IT Unilab can be the key to dramatically improving your laboratory efficiency and overall product quality. Contact us today and choose Hyla Soft to be your strategic partner to help simplify and optimize the day-to-day life in your lab.

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