Shop Floor Connect for Siemens Teamcenter

Challenges in the Machine Shop  

Whenever Hyla Soft visits a machine shop, we can usually count on seeing at least one of the following: 

  • Operators' knowledge of which program(s) to run based on word-of-mouth instead of reliable documentation 
  • Little or no revision control of NC programs 
  • Paper-based shop floor documentation, such as setup sheets at machining workstations 
  • NC programs residing on machine controllers instead of a centralized location 
  • Frequent equipment downtimes CAM engineers place programs on a USB stick, and then walk them to each machine in order to run them

Direct Numerical Control (DNC) & Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)

There are too many risks associated with CNC machine operation: running an outdated program, placing a program on the wrong machine, or failing an audit, to name a few. Since CNC machining manufacturers typically work with expensive equipment and materials, these risks are unacceptable. The company’s CAM engineers often know that this situation is not right, but they are not sure how to best address the issues.

The answer to these problems, encountered in most machine shops, is a CNC machining environment involving both Direct Numerical Control (DNC) and Machine Data Acquisition (MDA).

The purpose of a DNC system is to provide a central repository for manufacturing and NC data, and to make this data available to the shop floor.  Benefits of a complete DNC solution include:

  • Central management and revision control of NC programs and related CAM data
  • Use of the correct manufacturing data in production
  • Direct connection from data repository to CNC machines
  • Fewer production errors
  • Fewer shop floor delays while data is checked
  • Closer connection between manufacturing, engineering and production
  • Secure workflow and process flow
  • Elimination of local shop floor databases outside of the IT infrastructure
  • Transparency to all users
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Quicker, more flexible information flows
  • Lower product rejection rate
  • Configuration options to support customer requirements and preferences

The purpose of MDA is to collect information from equipment to assist manufacturers in identifying and addressing causes of equipment problems. Benefits of a complete MDA solution include:

  • Central portal for accessing real-time and archived machine data
  • Real-time extraction of signals directly from shop floor equipment
  • Configurable reports to help customers understand and improve their manufacturing capabilities

What is Shop Floor Connect (SFC)?

Shop Floor Connect for Siemens Teamcenter is an application add-on for Teamcenter PLM software that delivers critical production information directly to the shop floor and CNC machine controller.


Source: Shop Floor Connect for Siemens Teamcenter

Features of Shop Floor Connect

More than just a traditional DNC system, the connection to the centralized Teamcenter database avoids data duplication and manages revisions to make sure the correct manufacturing data is used during production. It also enables your production staff to access current and released CNC programs, drawings, 3D models and other data sources through a web-based user interface that runs on any browser-enabled device or controller.

Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter includes the following features:

  • Download and upload NC data and tool target data to/from NC controllers
  • Upload shop floor-programmed NC programs in Teamcenter
  • Upload and administer machine parameters in Teamcenter to ensure security
  • Connect to all types of NC controllers and tool pre-setters
  • Connect through a serial (with adapter hardware) or Ethernet interface at the NC controller
  • View all Teamcenter manufacturing information via a browser-based interface

Connection to Teamcenter Manufacturing

Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter is an application that communicates directly with Teamcenter, Siemens PLM software’s comprehensive system for managing product lifecycle management (PLM) data and processes from design and engineering through production.

Teamcenter provides an environment that you can use to manage product and process definitions, data files and resources. It maintains workflows and roles for users who work in process chains, as well as provides tracking capabilities for monitoring document revisions and release statuses.

Unlike traditional direct numerical control (DNC) systems, Teamcenter eliminates the need for an independent shop floor database; its data remains within a controlled environment until it is sent to the machine tool. Shop floor users can see the source data while it remains inside Teamcenter’s managed environment. Data files needed for production can be pulled directly to the point of use in a controller or pre-setter.

Hyla Soft's Expertise

Hyla Soft is an expert integrator of complete, end-to-end DNC systems. Our areas of expertise include CAM workflows and requirements, PLM integration and CNC machine connectivity. We have connected dozens of CNC machine makes and models to state-of-the-art DNC systems.

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May 29, 2012


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