Behind the Mascot: Why the Tree Frog?


Written by Zivile Badaraite on 6/6/2016

Did you ever wonder why the tree frog was Hyla Soft's symbol? 

People often ask us what the meaning behind our green little mascot is all about, so here is the answer:

Hyla means tree frog in Latin. The tree frog is known for its adaptive nature - it can adapt to and more importantly survive and thrive in many different climates and environments.

For that reason, the tree frog has stood the test of time and evolution - its last common ancestor lived long before the extinction of dinosaurs and it has evolved into many different species over millions of years.

And because Hyla Soft's mission is to help our customers adapt to and succeed in a constantly changing world, market, and the demands that come with them, the tree frog has become our official symbol.

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