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Written by Craig Sadler on 12/14/2017

Located just outside of Durham in Creedmoor, NC, Vance-Granville Community College (VGCC) is a focused Technical Community College, which is determined to provide real-world education, application, and knowledge in mostly engineering-related curriculum’s. VGCC was provided a multi-million-dollar (estimated at $31 million worth of licenses) grant from Siemens to leverage their product lifecycle management (PLM) software. This grant for VGCC includes Siemens PLM Software’s Tecnomatix portfolio, the industry-leading digital manufacturing software.

Hyla Soft was brought in to train teachers initially in the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software.  “By using the same technology in the classroom that is used by companies all over the world to develop a wide variety of products, our students gain important real-world experience during their studies that will serve them well after graduation,” said Stelfanie Williams, the president of VGCC. The hands-on training provided real-world scenarios and examples, technical and tailored training, and in-person interaction. VGCC is looking to include Tecnomatix Plant Simulation into one of their engineering curriculum in the upcoming years to help prepare and give their students an edge after graduating.

Hyla Soft is looking to return to Creedmoor, NC to teach VGCC more about the Tecnomatix products and assist with the implementation into their curriculum. More importantly, this initiative is just a small part of Hyla Soft’s commitment to continuous investment in and involvement with the university and higher education communities. Leveraging our expertise, resources and access to the most cutting-edge technology and partners worldwide, we are dedicated to help train and better prepare the next generation of engineers for Industry 4.0.

Read the original article about this joint Siemens, Vance-Granville Community College (VGCC) and Hyla Soft initiative here.

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