Teamcenter for Piece-Part Manufacturing


Written by Andrea Colosimo on 10/24/2017

Industry Challenges

Running a CNC Shop is hard. As a machine shop manager, you will need to decide:

  •  Where and how are our CAM files, post-processors and NC programs to be managed?
  •  Where and how should our machining tools and fixtures be managed?
  •  How will we ensure that the right NC programs are transferred to the CNC machines?
  •  How will we ensure that we deliver the right work instructions to the shop floor (drawings, 3D models, tool sheets, operation sheets, etc.)?
  •  How will our CAM models be linked to their CAD parent models? How can design changes be easily passed to manufacturing?
  •  How can we collect data from machines to identify downtime causes, support preventative maintenance, and calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?
  •  How can we optimize production execution and support continuous process improvement?

Every shop is different, so the importance of each of these questions will vary on a case-by-case basis. To address these challenges and help answer these questions, Siemens and Hyla Soft have partnered to provide unparalleled solutions for part manufacturers.

Teamcenter Part Planner

Teamcenter Part Planner enables a single source for managing manufacturing data elements and allows you to define the Manufacturing Process Plan. Part Planner can be leveraged to store, search and access product and process information in order to re-use, edit or review.

Teamcenter Part Planner allows engineers to use graphical tools to arrange a sequence of operations into a manufacturing process plan:

  •  Compile time, cost & other attributes for a plan report
  •  Assign and associate standard resources, manufacturing specifications & plant information to each operation step
  •  Create and classify process, operation & plan templates for re-use
  •  Use 3D visualization to check operation setups
  •  Automatically integrate processes, such as CAM operations, into the manufacturing plan
  •  Work from one source of managed information so every member of your team uses the same data

The Part Planner application ensures that all the source data (CAM, fixtures, CMM, etc.) is managed in a single location under revision control for easy access and retrieval:

  •  Assign, route & track progress on planning tasks, such as NC programming
  •  Work collaboratively by linking data created by others to the manufacturing process
  •  Review & comment on product, process & resource content
  •  Ensure that standard process & resource data are up to date

Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL)

Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) allows you to centralize the plant’s machining tools and resources in one location, to be used during CAM programming and within manufacturing process plans:

  •  Access to full classification database
  •  Access to extensive Tool Library content
  •  Import data from Tool Vendor Catalog
  •  Directly accessible from NX CAM

Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter (SFC)

Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter is the scalable Siemens DNC and EWI solution that allows you to synchronize manufacturing planning and shop floor resources:

  •  User-friendly web-based interface
  •  Teamcenter/CAM Data Management
  •  Easy access to current and released manufacturing data, including CNC programs, drawings, 3D models and other data stored in Teamcenter
  •  Upload new or edited data to Teamcenter under full access and revision control
  •  Transfer NC programs directly to and from CNC machines for part production execution
  •  Promotes a paperless solution for shop floor
  • Fewer production errors and lower product rejection rate
  •  Configurable options to support customer business processes

CAM Data Management

Having a central repository of CAM data allows for full lifecycle control and definition of piece-part manufacturing operations content, from prove-outs/prototypes to manufacturing revision changes of CAM engineering files that support shop floor execution such as:

  •  CAM Project Files
  •  Post-Process Data/G-Code
  •  CAM Work Instructions
  •  Control of Revisions & Statuses
  •  Release & Change Management from Engineering Design

Shop Floor Integrate (SFI)

Shop Floor Integrate extends the capability of MRL by providing physical tooling management. SFI allows for tooling personnel to effectively manage and build physical tool assemblies based on released virtual tooling from MRL. Tool managers can also execute tool balancing to ensure they have the right tools to complete the job. Capabilities include:

  •  Tool Room EWI of MRL tool assembly sheets
  •  Manage physical locations of tools & components
  •  Integration to pre-setters
  •  Manage tool actual pre-set data & transfer to NC machines


Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing is an MES product that can fully support piece-part production process, providing better control and visibility on the shop floor:

  •  Integration to ERP & MRO systems
  •  Order Management & Execution
  •  Electronic Work Instructions
  •  Shop Floor Connect Integration
  •  Teamcenter Part Planner Integration
  •  As-Built Tracking
  •  Non-Conformance & Defect Management

MindSphere Cloud for Industry 4.0

Siemens MindSphere is a comprehensive data hosting platform that allows companies to connect devices and assets from the production floor, securely collect and store operational data from these industrial assets to the MindSphere cloud, then transform data into knowledge with data analytics capabilities, tools for developers, applications and services.

Available for download on smartphones and tablets, MindApp Analytics allows customers to visualize exposed Industry 4.0 IoT data directly from MindSphere. MindApp Analytics provides the following features:

  •  Real-time shop floor asset data visualization
  •  KPIs and OEE calculation
  •  Big Data visualization
  •  Multi-data sourcing
  •  Customizable reporting and analytics dashboards
  •  Access app anytime/where on smartphone/tablet
  •  Authorized user access control and security
  •  Compatibility with OPC, PLC, and other Industry 4.0/ IOT technologies

Hyla Soft's Advantage

In total, Hyla Soft offers several integrated solutions, ranging from the planning to execution stages of the production process. The potential for these solutions to be utilized in parallel with Teamcenter can provide several beneficial elements, promoting continuous production excellence:

  •  Interconnected machine shop
  •  Centralized data management within Teamcenter
  •  Deliver CAM and engineering data seamlessly and digitally to the shop floor
  •  Links latest information, including data for parts, processes, resources and tools
  •  Promotes more efficient production rates and reduces rejection rates
  •  Intelligent and well-connected production floor

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