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Hyla Soft has just partnered with the sedApta Group and become the official U.S. system integrator for Skillaware, the company’s newest platform designed for manufacturing IT Performance Support & Training. Skillaware is set for launch in North America in January 2015, and Proof of Concept (PoC) trials are already underway for leading global manufacturing customers in the automotive and food & beverage industries.

About sedApta

The sedApta Group, one of Europe’s leading smart manufacturing IT providers, has officially launched a new product called Skillaware, an innovative solution for workflow based training, intelligence and performance support for IT Operators and Users.

About Skillaware

Skillaware is the first launch of many more expected from sedApta Group’s innovative Sestri Levante R&D Lab, recently opened in the breathtaking scenery of the North West Italian Riviera.

The Skillaware platform supports the rapid upskilling, performance improvement and training needs of manufacturing workforces having to adopt and learn new IT applications, tools and procedures. Skillaware was designed for companies that are undergoing or are about to undergo new IT/software rollouts, changes, or transformations on an enterprise level.

Skillaware blends the most recent advancements in Business Process Improvement (BPI), Electronic Performance Support (EPS), and Online Learning & Knowledge Content Management in order to bring manufacturing workforces just enough and just in time engagement and guidance during their execution of new IT-related SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Skillaware also adds a new training, performance support and intelligence functionality to the pre-existing software utilized by a company’s workforce in its manufacturing and supply chain lifecycle (ex. CRM, ERP, S&OP, MES, PLM, SCADA, etc.), without having to touch or modify the software’s original source code.

To learn more about Skillaware, watch this video.

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