Siemens MindSphere Cloud for Industry


Written by Marco Mongelli on 11/21/2017

Siemens Mindsphere for Industry: Cloud-Based, Open IoT Operating System for Digital Transformation

MindSphere Cloud for Industry

As the world becomes increasingly connected, digitalization – using digital technologies to transform business operations – is a key differentiator that will enable companies to remain competitive. Digitalization promises lower costs, improved production quality, flexibility and efficiency, shorter response time to customer requests and market demands, and also opens up new and innovative business opportunities.

Launched in response to Internet of Things and the challenges and demands it creates for manufacturers, MindSphere is a comprehensive data hosting platform from Siemens that allows to connect devices and assets from a production shop floor and then securely store operational data that has been acquired and transferred from these industrial assets to the MindSphere cloud. Siemens also provides MindSphere customers with an AppStore platform which can access and use the cloud data and in which companies can deploy their application tools.

As part of a complete digitalization strategy, MindSphere enables new ways to solve problems and enables companies to consider innovative new business models.

The capabilities and benefits of MindSphere in four key areas:

  1. Connecting physical assets on the shop floor to the digital world quickly and easily
  2. Creating a strong partner ecosystem with open platform as a service (PaaS)
  3. Driving business success with powerful domain-specific industry applications and digital services
  4. Enabling unmatched closed-loop innovation with complete digital twins

MindApp Analytics for Siemens MindSphere

Soon to be available for download on smartphones and tablets, MindApp Analytics is a cloud-based app designed to facilitate the monitoring of shop floor hardware and equipment. MindApp Analytics processes, calculates and visualizes all relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in a single user-friendly interface in real time. 

Hyla Soft’s Software Development team worked with Siemens MindSphere to develop an application for future customers that would not only be able to expose data directly from different hardware on the production floor, but also be fully integrated with Siemens’ MES, PLM as well as third-party systems. MindApp Analytics was the result of the initiative, hitting all customer requirements. MindApp Analytics allows plant and business managers to monitor all production floor assets, view production status and evaluate equipment performance in real time. Users can access this production data via the app on their phone or tablet, at anytime and from anywhere.

With MindApp Analytics, personnel can access all shop floor asset data in real-time, so that they can easily evaluate metrics and KPIs of interest while production is in progress and as a result act quickly and intelligently based on the data. Short-term, MindApp Analytics provides access to real-time data so that authorized personnel can improve decision-making and reaction time to unexpected events on the shop floor level. Long-term, MindApp Analytics enables companies to not only improve but completely optimize and sync their shop floor assets, production processes and business performance overall.

MindApp Analytics Features:

  • Real-time shop floor asset data visualization
  • KPIs & OEE calculation
  • Big Data visualization
  • Multi-data sourcing
  • Customizable reporting & analytics dashboards
  • Access app anytime/anywhere on smartphone or tablet
  • Authorized user access control & security
  • Can integrate to ERP, MES, PLM, etc.
  • Compatibility with OPC, PLC, BluVision sensor technologies

Business Benefits of Siemens MindSphere:

  • Improve production transparency & control
  • Increase plant efficiency in real time
  • Improve warehouse management & reduce inventory costs
  • Reduce machine downtimes & time-to-market
  • Streamline production processes & optimize overall business performance

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