Roadmap to Industry 4.0 with Hyla Soft


Written by Chris Draska on 3/27/2017

Who We Are

At Hyla Soft, our vision is to provide innovative technology solutions that advance the way the manufacturing world works. Hyla Soft is a global company that provides technology solutions to improve productivity and efficiency within Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, and Sales & Operations Planning processes. Leveraging our people, practices, and product portfolio, we bring proven enterprise class solutions to all manufacturers.

What We Do

Hyla Soft is a niche partner of Siemens, specializing in their manufacturing software: Teamcenter for Manufacturing, Tecnomatix, SIMATIC IT and SINUMERIK Integrate for Production. As a certified reseller, solution provider and system integrator with Siemens across several business units and solution offerings, Hyla Soft is the only partner Siemens has that has the vision and skill set to deliver integrated solutions across these different offerings.

Hyla Soft has been a pioneer in digital manufacturing before the term “Industry 4.0” was coined. Hyla Soft has been focusing on the idea of creating and bridging the virtual world with the physical world for many years. Hyla Soft's niche skill set on virtual to physical manufacturing allows Hyla Soft’s customers to realize: decreased time to mark, increased efficiency, lower costs, and improved quality. These benefits are realized by the idea of “shift left,” where virtual planning and validation shorten engineering time and allow for potential risk to be identified before products are being manufactured in the physical plant. Hyla Soft has knowledge and skill sets to support early planning/capacity (Planning & Scheduling Simulations), virtual manufacturing (BOM, BOP, Resource Definition and Simulations) and shop floor execution (closed loop to physical world).  

Our Siemens Solution Expertise

Tecnomatix/Teamcenter for Manufacturing: 

  • Process Planning
  • eBOM/mBOM (engineering/manufacturing Bill of Materials) Data Management
  • Manufacturing Resource Management
  • CAM Data Management
  • 3D Visualization & Work Instruction Management
  • Product Configuration, Option & Variant, etc
  • Teamcenter PLM Core/Foundation
  • DNC
  • Plant Simulation
  • Process Simulation
  • MES Integration
  • ERP Integration 


  • Capacity Planning – Preactor
  • Production Scheduling – Preactor
  • Order Management & Execution
  • Electronic Work Instructions & Data Collection
  • Defect Management and Non-conformance
  • Certification & Compliance Management
  • As-Build Traceability
  • Reporting & Analytics 

Our Approach, Methodology & Customers

Hyla Soft understands the concept of the Digital Thread and truly believes it can improve manufacturing companies’ processes, operations, efficiency and profitability. Our expert team works with customers from the beginning to virtually define and build out their entire manufacturing process, then validate its feasibility in the virtual world, and finally ensure it can be executed on the production floor and the physical layers between PLM and MES.  

Manufacturing is the heart of industry, but at Hyla Soft, we know that successful solutions take into account a company’s different business areas, departments and players. What happens in Manufacturing has direct consequences and impact on all other groups, including Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering, Quality, Operations, Service, Supply Chain & Inventory, and of course the Shop Floor itself. As we engage with customers, our team pulls in feedback from all groups of an organization to harmonize their needs, build the optimal solution, and deliver the best results.

Hyla Soft has worked with and helped some of the biggest names in industry. To learn about some of our Fortune 500 customers for Teamcenter, Tecnomatix, SIMATIC IT, and/or all, please contact us so that we can share our customer success stories with your organization.

Contact Information

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  • Phone: +1 (630) 652 0045
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