A PLM Project for Discrete Industry


Written by Andrea Colosimo on 11/15/2016

About the Customer

Hyla Soft’s PLM for Discrete Industry team recently completed a project for one of the largest Aerospace & Defense technology companies in the world. Headquartered in the U.S., with a reported annual revenue exceeding $20 billion, and with over 58,000 employees worldwide, the customer operates on a global scale. With manufacturing comprising a major part of the company’s business, the customer produces some of the most advanced electronic systems, space satellite parts, missile defense and radar systems on the market today.

The Customer’s Need

The customer started working with our world-class PLM team as their specialized solution expert. Before the customer came to Hyla Soft, they had completed a pilot project for Part Manufacturing. Following their new solution’s deployment, the customer was seeking a consulting partner and system integrator that could help them evaluate their new system and its effectiveness for their manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the customer was interested in extending their existing solution with a Manufacturing Process Planner pilot project, in order to move the company towards a complete Siemens Teamcenter for Manufacturing environment.

About the Project

The goal of the project was to leverage Hyla Soft’s product, solution and industry expertise to help educate the customer. The customer wanted a consultant with knowledge to help them with their unanswered questions and issues in order help them determine if Siemens Teamcenter for Manufacturing was the correct path for them to take for the future. With Hyla Soft’s team of experts on board and up for the challenge, they were not disappointed!

Hyla Soft’s PLM consultants went onsite and walked the customer through their current manufacturing processes, teaching the customer about their new system, its features and its capabilities. This included process plan creation, sequence of operations, activity and time analysis, accountability checks, work instructions, 3D graphics and visual work instructions and ended with a high-level overview of EWI and Siemens SIMATIC IT MES Suite. Our team also helped onboard the customer’s personnel on how to utilize their PLM solution in order to maximize its value and make their manufacturing process faster, more efficient and more cost-effective.

Onsite Activities 

Customer Orientation:

  • Introduction to environment
  • Plant tour
  • Review part planning pilot
  • Review current work instructions

Assembly Planning Pilot

  • Create mBoM (manufacturing Bill of Materials) from eBoM (engineering/CAD Bill of Materials)
  • Accountability checks
  • Build process plan
  • Consume components, tools, plant, resources, etc.
  • Create work instructions (3D product views, textual work instructions)
  • Accountability checks

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