Partnership with mHUB Innovation Center


Written by Marco Mongelli on 10/6/2017

Hyla Soft has officially partnered with mHUB Innovation Center in Chicago, a non-profit incubator dedicated to helping technology start-ups in the manufacturing industry gain access to the expertise, resources and state-of-the-art equipment they need to innovate, build and succeed.

mHUB’s partners come from many sectors: manufacturing, education, research, software, technology, neighborhood organizations, trade groups and investors. They enable the non-profit center to provide member companies with unparalleled physical resources and access to a wide support network of manufacturing and business leaders. In line with our company’s vision to provide innovative technology solutions that advance the way the manufacturing world works, Hyla Soft is proud to partner with mHUB and support their needs and efforts to help promote digital transformation and push the industry forward.

mHUB’s 63,000 square-foot facility contains 10 fabrication labs, including electronics, plastic fabrication, metals, textiles and rapid prototyping, as well as a micro-factory for small production runs. Hyla Soft’s Manufacturing Operations and Software Development teams are currently building a complete Shop Floor Monitoring and Machine Maintenance System designed to cover all the different machines and physical equipment on the facility’s production floor. This project is only the beginning of our partnership with mHUB, and Hyla Soft is looking forward to supporting and working on many more important initiatives with the center moving forward.

About mHUB

mHUB is Chicago's first innovation center for physical product development and manufacturing. The organization is non-profit and is founded on a co-working community of product designers, developers, entrepreneurs, engineers & manufacturers. 

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