NX CAD & CAM in Action: Modeling the Hyla Soft Logo


Written by Craig Sadler on 10/28/2016

The model was created using Siemens NX 10. The objective was to create the Hyla Soft logo. We took an image file of the logo and uploaded it into NX. From there, we traced the image using the sketch tool. The result was a 2D outline of the Hyla Soft tree frog and text. The next step was extruding it into 3D space. For this, each layer would have to have a specified height. Otherwise, the extrusion would result in a rectangle with no details. The default dimensions are in millimeters, so the first extrusion was the base of the part, which resulted as 5mm. Then, the square background behind the frog and the underline of the word “Hyla” were extruded at 7mm. Lastly, the frog design and the word “Hyla Soft” were extruded to 10mm. This layering gave the model more definition and detail. From there, you can change the material, lighting, rendering, and other visuals.

NX 10 is a Siemens software package that is fully integrated with Teamcenter. The most cutting-edge feature of the software is its CAM simulation capabilities. CAM, or Computer-Aided Manufacturing, is a 3D simulation of the cutting and grinding process of creating a part. Most common is vertical milling, so in this case, we chose that operation during the CAM section of the design.

CAD software like NX is a tool used across the industry to help manufacturing environments create and simulate their product without wasting resources. Industries across the board use CAD software including Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Architecture and Fashion & Luxury. This has allowed manufacturers to determine flaws and perform statistical analyses to help better their product before sending manufacturing designs down to the manufacturing floor.

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