Closing the Data Gap in Medical Manufacturing


Written by Bob Nisivoccia on 10/3/2016

About the Customer

Hyla Soft’s Manufacturing Engineering team will be starting a new project with a global leader in the Medical Devices industry. The customer is a multibillion dollar publicly traded medical device company manufacturing implants and devices ranging from knee and hip replacements to emergency medical instruments. The company is headquartered in the Midwest but is very much worldwide with facilities across Europe, in China as well as here in the United States.

The Customer’s Need

The customer is facing challenges in manufacturing data management related to tooling and fixtures. In regulated industries, it is very important to have full traceability of everything that happens throughout the production process. As a first step to better tracking their manufacturing resources, the customer is collaborating with Hyla Soft towards a solution to better manage tooling data virtually in Siemens Teamcenter with Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL).  Eventually, this will lead to associating tools and fixtures to production plans/routings in Teamcenter as well as tracking such physical resources in MES on the shop floor.

About the Project

Partnering with Hyla Soft, the customer is beginning an effort to manage their global manufacturing industry through a centralized set of controls involving Siemens Teamcenter for Manufacturing while introducing tool management using Siemens Manufacturing Resource Library or MRL. Hyla Soft’s expert PLM team is designing and implementing these Teamcenter systems for the customer. This will be an important building block for the future growth of manufacturing data management for the manufacturer which will involve a DNC system for every shop floor and a comprehensive worldwide MES solution. The first step of implementing Siemens MRL for Teamcenter will enable the customer to manage tooling, supply tooling work instructions and supply tooling and post processor traceability throughout the entire company. 

Hyla Soft’s Advantage

This large effort Hyla Soft is undertaking will ensure a better managed manufacturing data environment for the customer while at the same time helping to reduce waste, improve productivity, efficiency, traceability and thus profits. Hyla Soft looks forward to providing the highest quality solution and results and delivering a successful project for the customer.

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