New Partnership with Siemens MindSphere


Written by Alessandro Chetta on 3/27/2017

Hyla Soft has recently started an exciting new partnership with Siemens - a beta initiative with MindSphere, the newly released, cutting-edge Siemens cloud for industry. 

MindSphere is a comprehensive data hosting platform that allows to connect devices and assets from a manufacturer’s shop floor and to securely store operational data that has been acquired and transferred from these industrial assets to MindSphere. MindSphere is explicitly designed to connect assets at industrial plants in an automated production environment.

Currently, the platform is available as a beta release, which will be continuously further developed. The price model is also in a beta phase. As a long-standing and trusted solution partner of Siemens Automation, Hyla Soft was chosen to be a beta partner for the innovative new cloud technology. Hyla Soft’s Software Development team is working with Siemens MindSphere to develop an application for a future customer that is going to expose data directly from hardware and will be fully integrated with the sedApta Software Suite.

Key components for MindSphere are:

  • Open interfaces to connect industrial assets – machines, plants or entire fleets – in a simple and secure way
  • Secure and encrypted transfer of data from the shop floor to MindSphere
  • Individual applications and dashboards can be easily created and leveraged for specific needs of manufacturers
  • Monitor globally distributed machines, plants and shop-floor equipment
  • Use the operational data from shop-floor assets for predictive maintenance, energy data management or resource optimization by using MindApps

Hyla Soft is looking forward to delivering a successful result for this beta project, establishing and expanding this exciting new partnership with Siemens, and being able to leverage MindSphere for manufacturing customers to help them better manage and analyze their shop floor data in the future.

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