Utilizing MES in the Automotive Industry


Written by Andrea Sagripanti on 8/7/2017

About the Industry

Automotive production plants often prove a challenging environment for the deployment of shop floor software. Data demands are robust, legacy systems must be considered, changes to production processes and software interfaces require costly retraining, deadlines are tight and affecting production efficiency is not an option. Despite these very real challenges, the mass production of precision engineered goods simply cannot happen without an MES solution.

In order to remain competitive with foreign goods produced with low cost labor, production enterprises must squeeze every bit of efficiency and quality from their machines and from their workforce. To be sure, success in such situations requires careful planning and the contributions of knowledgeable personnel with years of experience. Hyla Soft employs consultants with a wealth of experience installing a variety of MES solutions for some of the world’s leading automotive and parts producers, leveraging our Big 5 automotive solutions to improve production control and profitability: Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Material Tracking, Quality Control, Statistical Analysis, and Work Order Processing and Scheduling.

Why Do Companies Need MES?

To meet demand and secure profitability in increasingly dynamic and competitive markets, manufacturers need agile supply chains, synchronized production operations and real-time plant visibility. These drivers ask for an integrated IT infrastructure that controls all manufacturing elements, materials, equipment, personnel, specifications and procedures and integrates with business and operation systems. Manufacturing Executions Systems (MES) are designed to provide exactly these capabilities. In addition to bridging the gap between business systems (ex. ERP) and control systems, MES handles production management and execution, coordinates the systems within factories, standardizes production across the entire enterprise and keeps manufacturing processes aligned with supply chain activities.

About Siemens SIMATIC IT

Siemens SIMATIC IT for Manufacturing Execution Systems is one of the most well-developed, reliable, widely-used and proven MES products available on the market today. 

Benefits of SIMATIC IT MES: 

  • Electronic tracking of material for inventory purposes
  • Ability to access the system remotely from anywhere through your laptop
  • More accurate tracking of downtime events
  • User accountability for all functions within the system (tracked by user ID)
  • Electronic traceability for quality defects
  • Flexible report generation creates the ability to add customized reporting to meet specific plant needs

Why Hyla Soft?

Hyla Soft has more than twenty years of experience implementing MES projects based on SIMATIC IT MES Suite, both in process and discrete manufacturing. This extensive experience implementing manufacturing IT solutions for very large customers around the world makes Hyla Soft consultants not only the most skilled MES consultants available, but also true subject matter experts. As Siemens’ preferred integration partner, Hyla Soft always implements projects following Siemens best practices and leveraging the existing technology and products.

To learn more about the features and capabilities of Siemens SIMATIC IT MES Suite, click here.

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