Hyla Soft Work Conditions Achievement Award


Written by Zivile Badaraite on 5/26/2017

Genoa, Italy – 

At Hyla Soft we adopt the philosophy of continual improvement of our products, systems, and methodologies. We realize the importance of measuring results and achievements to meet our customer needs and regulatory requirements, as well as our own standards of excellence. We are proud to announce that following a rigorous evaluation of Hyla Soft’s offices and work conditions, we have received Intertek’s Workplace Conditions Assessment Achievement Award.

Intertek has assessed the practices of Hyla Soft's facilities according to the Workplace Conditions Assessment, which resulted in meeting the performance criteria required for the "Achievement Award." The evaluation of Hyla Soft covered the following areas: labor, wages and hours, health and safety, management and environment.

To learn more about Intertek and the qualifications for Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA), visit: http://www.intertek.com/business-assurance/supplier-management/workplace-conditions/

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