Bridging the Virtual to Physical Gap


Written by Patrick Delaney on 1/7/2016

About the Customer

Hyla Soft is working with a new customer in the custom mold manufacturing industry. The customer is a leader in plastics processing, with capabilities ranging from mold making to injection molding, custom machining, and metrology services. The manufacturer works with companies in the medical, automotive, packaging and aerospace industries to provide custom molds and prototype parts.

The Customer's Need

When the customer came to Hyla Soft, they were undertaking a company-wide initiative to move towards a full Siemens Teamcenter environment. Siemens Teamcenter software offering is the world’s most widely used Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system. While most companies see Teamcenter as a tool to manage engineering data alone, Hyla Soft focuses on Teamcenter to bridge the gap between engineering and production as it relates to manufacturing.

The customer was already leveraging Teamcenter for their engineering data management needs, but their manufacturing data was being stored and managed in various other systems. As a result, company data was often incomplete, lost, outdated and led to inefficiency in both the engineering group and shop floor operations. For this reason, the customer was looking to move towards consolidating and managing their manufacturing data in Teamcenter as well.

Leveraging Hyla Soft’s extensive work with Teamcenter for leaders in the manufacturing sector, the customer sought to achieve a single repository for all of their production CAM data.

About the Project

In the course of 3 weeks, Hyla Soft’s specialists will install and configure the PLM solution Shop Floor Connect for Siemens Teamcenter on all of their plant’s CNC machines.

Shop Floor Connect utilizes Teamcenter to ensure that the correct manufacturing data is used during production. The system provides an easy-to-use interface for transferring manufacturing and assembly data to CNC machines on the shop floor. This includes NC programs, tooling sheets, drawings, work instructions, pictures, etc.

After the go-live, Hyla Soft’s PLM training team will also work one-on-one with all of the customer’s operators, engineers, and administrators in order to provide Training about how to utilize Shop Floor Connect in order to simplify their daily activities and guarantee that the company gets the most value out of their new system and software investment.

Hyla Soft's Advantage

Thanks to our PLM team’s unmatched technical knowledge and experience working with the Siemens Teamcenter and Shop Floor Connect products, Hyla Soft will complete this enterprise deployment in a very short period of time. In addition, the implementation will be easy and seamless, ensuring that day-to-day operations and business has not been interrupted for the customer and their employees. Finally, our training program will ensure end user acceptance of the new system, on-boarding the customer’s personnel so they can utilize the system and understand how it will make their daily tasks easier and production results better.

Amongst the many benefits our customer will gain by bridging the gap between the engineering and manufacturing groups and moving towards a complete Teamcenter solution, some include:

  • Improved organization and accuracy of data
  • Complete audit trail of every part produced for easier and consistent adherence to industry and regulatory standards
  • Improved communication and data sharing between different groups within the company (operations, production, engineering, R&D, etc.)
  • Efficiency on the shop floor – full automation (no paper, no USBs)
  • Reduced rework and waste
  • Next step in moving towards a single source of company data and a full Teamcenter solution

Hyla Soft looks forward to successfully completing this project and working on many more exciting initiatives with this customer in the future.

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