Manufacturing Operations Management

Manufacturing Operations Management, or MOM for short, is a methodology for managing and optimizing the processes occurring at the shop floor. Hyla Soft, leveraging the industry's top Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and other manufacturing-related software, is able to provide the solutions needed to achieve the goals of the MOM methodology. These goals and benefits are numerous, which is why it is now common to find MOM solutions in any modern manufacturing company. With the cost of raw materials on the rise, increased competitiveness within the marketplace, and increasing regulatory compliance concerns, companies now more than ever are looking to cut waste, increase quality and monitor production processes while still increasing throughput. These are some of the areas in which a MOM solution can provide value.

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Solutions

Over the years, MOM and MES software has been playing a larger role in manufacturing with more and more companies deploying some type of software solution to help improve their production process. The premise is simple: provide an open information exchange from the plant floor systems to the business planning systems and provide integrated real-time manufacturing applications. Hyla Soft designs and deploys standard and custom MOM/MES solutions, providing the functionality necessary to help reach production goals such as:

  • Material genealogy (Tracking & Tracing)
  • Work order management
  • Product definition management
  • Detailed scheduling
  • Quality management systems
  • OEE systems
  • Production order management
  • Manufacturing business intelligence & reporting
  • Plant floor data collection

Ultimately, the goal of a MOM solution is to improve productivity and reduce cycle times while still producing quality products. Hyla Soft clients who have deployed its MES solutions often see the following benefits:

  • Reduce scrap and waste
  • Increase up-time
  • Get rid of just-in-case inventory
  • React sooner to the changing markets
  • Make more informed decisions about production
  • Improve quality
  • Improve throughout

Although there are many solutions on the market that claim to achieve MOM benefits, it is important to evaluate and determine the right software for a company’s needs. Hyla Soft, an industry leader in MOM and MES technologies, can partner and help achieve the goals of an organization through designing, implementing, and supporting the solution that best fits the customer. By delivering a successful MOM solution, Hyla Soft can enable a company to reach the target of digital manufacturing.




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