Oil & Gas Blending and Transfer

Blending and Transfer Process

Blending and Transfer facilities are a vital component of an industrial infrastructure that is often overlooked by the manufacturing community. The lifeblood of any production economy, these facilities feed regional enterprises with bulk materials needed to support nearly all manufacturing and construction efforts. The basic business model of these plants generally adheres to a simplistic process:

  1. Receive mass quantities of finished or semi-finished goods by rail, barge, or truck.
  2. Transfer and warehouse these materials in large tank farms or warehouses.
  3. Mix materials in reaction tanks, mixers, and in-line blenders to meet custom specifications.
  4. Load materials into trucks for delivery to regional consumers.

Challenges in Oil & Gas Blending and Transfer

Hyla Soft’s experience in Oil & Gas Blending and Transfer facilities has enabled us to construct a compact, repeatable solution that succinctly addresses the core issues confronted by such operations:

  • High cost of raw materials
  • Tight integration of Laboratory Information Management Systems into order processing
  • Complex lot interactions in tanks and transfer routes

Blending and Transfer orders require order operations to be performed in large quantities of bulk material and expensive additives or reagents. Mistakes leading scrapping in such an environment can prove disastrous to the balance sheets. Addressing this problem requires a focus on error-proofing and automation; and when these fail, a robust and flexible rework process must be in place to attempt recovery of potential losses.

Technology for Blending and Transfer Facilities

Hyla Soft addresses these issues by automating the transfer of recipe information from ERP or LIMS systems to the batching or automation layer, allowing orders to be automatically dispatched with the correct quantities of raw materials already calculated and validated against inventory. If produced goods prove nonetheless out of specification, local high-level operators will be allowed to repeatedly run customized recipes in an attempt to correct the product.

Of course, to achieve the quality goals of a blend, and to ensure that defective goods are never received or shipped, the execution of each order must be tightly integrated with a plant’s LIMS software. Hyla Soft offers extensive experience integrating a variety of LIMS suites to enable the expeditious dispatching of automated sample requests and the immediate response to approved sample results. In this way, we can minimize wait time by operators and shippers while ensuring that a plant will never load-in defective goods at receiving, load-out out-of-spec products at shipping, or transfer bad blends to holding tanks where other material can be contaminated.

Hyla Soft's Advantage

By focusing on these core concerns, Hyla Soft has improved efficiency and decreased waste at Oil & Gas Blending and Transfer facilities across the globe. Our solutions for this industry are light-weight and engineered to purpose, resulting in a reliable and cost-effective software suite that can be rapidly deployed at any Blending and Transfer plant.

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