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Challenges of Fashion & Luxury Manufacturing

To succeed amid the dramatically shifting tides of the global market, few industries require companies to stay as nimble and on their toes as the Fashion & Luxury manufacturing business. First, there is the fast-moving nature of fashion, which requires companies to jump on trends right away. To add to these challenges, apparel consumers not only want to see a level of freshness in their products, but also in the entire shopping experience. Finally, the Fashion & Luxury sector is rapidly expanding and hosts some of the world’s most rapidly growing companies.

Solutions for Fashion & Luxury 

These challenges, however, also present great opportunities for manufacturers aiming to gain a competitive edge. What can companies do today to be amongst tomorrow's winners? The Luxury & Fashion industry faces the challenge of significantly improving customer service level while at the same time optimizing processes along their entire supply chain to keep efficiency high and costs low at every level.

Managing the Fashion & Luxury Supply Chain

Hyla Soft understands that managing the complexity of the Fashion & Luxury value chain – suppliers, design studios, contractors, laboratories, distant customers, complex logistical facilities and seasonal trends – requires efficient, flexible and scalable technology solutions. With a team of leading experts and global capabilities in terms of both deployment and support, Hyla Soft’s proven Fashion & Luxury solution covers Demand Management, Logistic/Distribution channels and Production Management.

Based on each of our customer’s specific needs and requirements, our Fashion & Luxury solution offering covers:

  • Demand Management – utilizes sophisticated mathematical algorithms able to aggregate sales force and marketing input with historical sales data to produce an accurate consensus demand forecast
  • Inventory Planning – based on the sales forecast, service level, current stock levels, inventory costs and existing customer orders, produces the stock replenishment plan for the different nodes in the logistics network
  • Resource and Supply Planning – validates the demand forecast against the actual capacity of the resources in the logistics network, matching different physical, logistical, financial and production constraints
  • Web Supply Engine – manages the communication with external contractors and suppliers, providing a unified environment for work plan collaboration, debating and document management
  • Factory Scheduling – manages the overall scheduling of plant-level resources and capacities, considering order priorities, production lead times, setup times and other plant-specific constraints to fulfill delivery deadlines and service level
  • Order Promising – provides a single picture of supply and demand to make reliable, real-time delivery commitments to the end customers, considering warehouse availability and the master production plan
  • Shop Floor Monitor – automatically collects data and events from production machines to calculate KPIs such as OEE, MTBF and MTTR, which can be visualized in operators’ dashboards and high-level reports
  • And much more…

Contact our experts and learn how partnering with us can help transform and optimize your Fashion & Luxury supply chain management processes from the executive level all the way to your shop floor.

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