Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing Process

The Chemical industry makes up a large portion of the Process Manufacturing sector. On average, the Chemical industry generates 1 to 2 trillion U.S. dollars of revenue worldwide every year. Chemical materials are manufactured leveraging a combination of Continuous and Batch processes, in which raw materials are transformed into final products via the proper execution of a specific set of operations defined in a recipe. Chemicals have a wide range of applications in many industries, including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Construction, Service industries, and many others.

Industry Expertise

Over the years, Hyla Soft has gained a great amount and breadth of experience working with the chemical manufacturing process, having supported initiatives for some of the global leaders in the industry. Leading Chemical Manufacturing corporations utilize the most cutting-edge technology to meet strategic goals. For these major market players, a high level of automation is typically present, utilizing a combination of SCADA and PCS/DCS systems with full connectivity to the ERP as well. Smaller players typically understand the benefit of full connectivity as well, but they are looking for leaner solutions to achieve the right level of control over their manufacturing process, specific requirements and needs. Hyla Soft provides solutions for both big and smaller players in the Chemical Manufacturing industry with a wide range of products, solutions, and services and leveraging the most advanced automation, ERP, and 3rd party systems available.

Technology for Chemical Manufacturing

Starting from planning and scheduling operations, Hyla Soft can help in estimating the coverage of finished products and related stock levels, weekly production plan scheduling, raw materials, and packaging purchase scheduling. This is achieved through the sedApta Software Suite and the support of experienced consultants capable of delivering supply chain solutions globally. The sedApta Software Suite can help in planning and scheduling the demand up to the batch level, collecting information from ERP systems, such as SAP, JD Edwards, and Microsoft Dynamics. The suite is a great tool to support scheduling engineers in finding the best execution sequence based on the actual constraint present on the shop floor. 

When the best execution sequence is identified, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), like Siemens SIMATIC IT, can take care of ensuring that it is successfully made available to the shop floor, communicating with the automation systems to download the needed information and allowing the operator to start execution. Hyla Soft is one of the leading SIMATIC IT system integrators in North America and beyond, capable of designing global templates for standardizing manufacturing operations across different regions and sites in a customer’s organization. 

Hyla Soft's Advantage

With a unique set of skills and experience, an expert team, and the capability of combining supply chain optimization with plant floor execution and standardization, Hyla Soft is a front runner in bringing the best technology to leaders in the Chemical Industry. Our Chemical Manufacturing customers rely on us to bring innovation and real, tangible change and improvement to their organizations, and our world-class team of consultants and engineers is proven to deliver both without fail.

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