Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace Industry Challenges

Aerospace & Defense manufacturers are facing an increasingly competitive global market where an emphasis must be placed on improving efficiency, reducing build times, and fully utilizing modern lean manufacturing techniques. Companies need to be able to better control their component supply chains, improve product quality, and reduce waste in order to shorten production cycles and increase profitability and market share.

Current Global Market

Aerospace manufacturing is undergoing a transformation where the industry is no longer dominated by U.S. companies alone. The global market has exploded with competition from Europe, Russia, and China. This new reality requires companies to evolve their manufacturing process to not only be more efficient but to get their products to the market faster as well.

Digital Solutions for Aerospace

One of the ways Hyla Soft helps companies remain competitive is by delivering innovative IT solutions that modernize the automation process. Through years of industry experience, Hyla Soft can identify and deliver the right solution for any business need. From business intelligence systems that give decision makers the critical data they need to reduce costs and improve quality, to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that act as the glue between controls systems on the factory floor and ERP systems in the cloud.

Hyla Soft's Advantage

A key determining factor in a company's success is the ability to maintain and grow market share. Without a capable modern IT infrastructure, this is not possible. Hyla Soft has the expertise and experience necessary to deliver the right IT solutions to help solve some of the most complex and challenging problems faced by today’s Aerospace & Defense manufacturers.

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