Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence

With the increasingly competitive environment of manufacturing and the many challenges the industry is facing today, companies need the ability to analyze their data not just at a plant level but globally.

Having access to such data allows companies to leverage on vast amounts of information in order to analyze production and understand trends that support business decisions.


Source: sedApta S&OP Software Suite

Hyla Soft has the knowledge and experience to deploy standard and custom Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Hyla Soft’s BI systems support the following functionality:

  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Data warehousing
  • Data marts
  • Comprehensive data visualization
  • Scorecards and dashboards
  • Custom & Standard calculations
  • Data mining

Over the past few years BI systems have been playing a more integral role to support mission critical decisions. Levering on the functionality provided by a BI system, managers and directors have the ability to make more informed decisions backed up by tangible evidence. Levering on such tools provided by a BI system, companies often see the following benefits:

  • Respond quickly to changes
  • Improve the overall performance
  • Making better more informed business decisions
  • Establish best practices
  • Establish benchmarking for continuous improvement
  • Support lean initiatives
Business Intelligence

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