With the resources to draw on expertise from our consultants in sites around the world, Hyla Soft can cut through cultural and linguistic barriers to deliver solutions and products to clients on a global scale.

This becomes increasingly strategic as manufacturers respond to supply and demand and evolving methods of manufacturing IT, operations, and automation in the global marketplace. Working with the entire customer organization from line operators to chief executives, our goal is to create a single team dedicated to project success with tangible results and benefits at all levels.

Our consultants provide a wide-range of services including:

  • Business case preparation and consultation
  • Technical analysis
  • User requirement definition
  • IT system design and technical scoping
  • Lean-six sigma transformation and business process re-engineering
  • Functional user and administrative training
  • Overall project management
  • Continuous support over the entire project lifecycle
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Software Training

Hyla Soft is capable of creating custom solutions for any manufacturing project. Our consultants are equipped with both the technical expertise and business experience to ensure your project succeeds by offering our unique and expansive end user training program. Once a software solution is established that fits the needs of your company, Hyla Soft is there to aid in the deployment of that solution across all company sites and to all end users. This is a critical step which allows for a seamless transition into the new software solution following go-live, minimizing major setbacks during deployment, and avoids high costs associated with system failures and re-training. Hyla Soft training programs are designed to help you avoid these set-backs. What Hyla Soft offers is a dedicated, multi-lingual, expert training team with a proven track record to assist your business in creating a superior IT Training Management, Training, and Evaluation Plan.

All our consultants have a combination of technical expertise and firsthand experience in various manufacturing settings. We pride ourselves on the fact that any trainer assigned to your project will have a strong understanding of your business processes and be a software solution expert. To accomplish this, our training consultants are cross-trained and set to be with you from inception all the way to the completion and success of your project.

An essential part of training your end users is developing the management portion of the IT Training Plan. Our consultants have many years of experience with software training and will work with your project managers to both evaluate your needs and plan training accordingly. This allows for all objectives to be known by both parties. For over a decade, Hyla Soft has created plans suited for the specific needs and requirements of each customer. The goal of each plan is to:

  • Transfer all knowledge and resources about the software solution or system to end users
  • Teach end users how to use the software solution and system, covering all aspects – capabilities and features
  • Show end users how their daily activities and business processes will be improved and made easier by using the software solution and system
  • Create and distribute customized documentation based on your new system's needs to help ensure sustainable usage going forward

After, Hyla Soft will work with you on the custom implementation of the IT Training Plan. Many companies fall short trying to implement their IT Training Plan without the help of our consultants and an implementation plan specifically catered to their company. This is often due to lack of skilled resources, experience with the system, time, and/or all of the above. Our expert training team is committed to filling this gap. Over the many years of successful implementations, Hyla Soft has generated multiple flexible training plans for manufacturing customers in all industries including Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, and many more.

We offer many different types of training including:

  • One-on-One Training
  • Team or Group Training
  • Remote Training
  • Web-Based Training
  • Training Simulations

Every customer is special and unique. Our program’s adaptability to your business end users’ needs is one of Hyla Soft’s greatest assets, allowing us to fill the specific training requirements of your company. Together with our dedicated training team, we will identify and define your specific training requirements, which our experts will then execute. The result: higher user acceptance, the success of your IT initiative, and a significant return on your company’s software investment.

As soon as the implementation has begun, the final step in the IT Training Plan starts to take place. That is the evaluation of the software solution that we have expertly trained. Our training team will present regular reports to the key project stakeholders that outline the training done and the necessary steps that still remain. At the end, our consultants share a final report to summarize the training and highlight key factors to help maintain the project’s success. Evaluating your software solution will give valuable insight into how your processes are running and how you can continue to grow as a company.

The Hyla Soft training team will be available from the beginning of your initiative and throughout the entire software implementation life cycle. Using our expert consultants to train your end users is the best way to ensure the success of your next project. Training your business on your latest software initiative is a demanding process, it requires a dedicated training team to correctly manage and properly train your end users. Choose Hyla Soft for your next project’s training needs and see firsthand why we have been setting the industry standard for delivering successful and long-lasting custom software solutions for manufacturing.

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Software Validation

Computer System Validation (CSV) is a required activity for FDA-regulated environments, the goal of which is to document that a system is secure, reliable, and fit for its intended purpose. The point is not to produce a mountain of documentation but rather to demonstrate that the software satisfies its intended use.

Hyla Soft helps companies in the Life Science, Medical Device, and other manufacturing sectors streamline their processes and bring new and existing products to market. Given the pressure from industry regulators such as the FDA, MCA, and the EU, our customers require a high level of commitment in order to achieve high quality standards. Hyla Soft helps companies navigate the complexity of those standards while supporting the validation effort.

With Hyla Soft's guidance and our team's advanced experience in defining proper validation test cases, Life Science and Medical Device companies can meet industry requirements as well as their own business goals. Our proven Software Validation approach and team will:

  • Establish that your system complies with the required standards, rules, and regulations and that it will continue to do so over its lifetime
  • Provide controlled documentary evidence that shows that the system complies with industry standards

Choose Hyla Soft as your validation partner and reap the benefits from the value our expertise will provide your business:

  • Deep knowledge in implementing industry standards and best practices, like GAMP® 5, supporting the customer's organization from Risk Management through V Model implementation (IQ/OQ/PQ)
  • Knowledge of automated enterprise software to target the validation process: these tools can improve efficiency, productivity and reduce the effort in case of audits
  • Complete coverage of the implementation and validation process, with a proven record in successfully implementing PLM, MES and Quality solutions for manufacturing companies

Hyla Soft is committed to constantly improving our customers' Manufacturing Operations, linking together different aspects of production with the best technology and most reliable best practices. Partnering with Hyla Soft means gaining a deep understanding of business and industry requirements, tailored solutions for your needs, and a trusted advisor for your Computer System Validation initiative.

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Maintenance & Support

Hyla Soft is dedicated to forming long-lasting relationships with our clients, and this relationship does not end once a software system has been built and delivered. Most systems require some degree of ongoing Maintenance & Support to keep them running at optimal efficiency and to address new business needs that arise after a project concludes.

Our consultants put the same knowledge, effort and passion into delivering support services to line operators and shift managers as they do into designing and implementing a solution for a chief executive. Whether you need occasional phone support, a permanent on-site resource, or anything in between, Hyla Soft can provide the Maintenance & Support needed to ensure that your business processes stay up and running.

We believe that full cooperation and engagement throughout the entire software development cycle is essential to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. When you work with Hyla Soft, you can count on our commitment to support your interests throughout the project and to support our software solution for as long as is necessary.

Hyla Soft’s Maintenance Program

Hyla Soft’s Maintenance Program adds strategic value to all software solutions with a high-value mix of Standard and Optional Services, including:

Standard Services:

  • Help Desk
  • Remote Support
  • Software Updates

Excellence Options:

  • Programming Maintenance for Product and/or Solution
  • Corrective On-Site Services for Product and/or Solution
  • Dispatch Services
  • Service Manager

Our Maintenance Program leverages the optimal balance between preventive and reactive measures based on the newest technologies available and completed by a team of highly-skilled support engineers. In addition, our global capabilities enable us to provide worldwide support to customers with a valid maintenance contract in place.

Our customers can choose between 2 different levels of support, per their specific needs and required Support Hours and Response Time:

* Response Time refers to the period of time between the customer’s request for support through the agreed channels and Hyla Soft’s answer to the request

Hyla Soft's support access is available to customers via our:

  • AskMe Desk Customer Online Portal, Hyla Soft’s web-based ticketing tool. Through Askme Desk customers can communicate all the information needed to specify their issue, submit tickets, monitor the status of opened tickets, track ticket history, print reports, etc.
  • Support Hotline, with direct phone lines operated by dedicated personnel to be used to report critical issues that are blocking production.


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Feb 1, 2017


Project Management Office (PMO)

As many organizations are realizing, Project Management Office (commonly known as PMO) has become essential in the management of large IT projects. Projects that have multiple vendors, are high risk, or involve several regions need a central group to properly report, standardize, and manage. Without a PMO in place, these types of projects can quickly spin out of control.

Finding well qualified PMO members for IT projects can be difficult. Finding well qualified PMO members for manufacturing IT projects is even harder. Although management skills are a requirement for any IT project manager, that is just one aspect in the skills needed for assembling a manufacturing PMO team. In the engineering field, a person responsible for building a bridge should not be asked to manage a project to build an airplane. Similarly, IT project managers without manufacturing experience will not have the proper background to be part of a manufacturing PMO team.

At Hyla Soft, every consultant has hands on experience in a manufacturing environment. The majority of them have spent significant time working onsite with plant managers, gaining valuable expertise in manufacturing practices and operations. This experience gives many advantages to project managers, such as insight into risk management, understanding the best way to report progress, and even understanding the lingo used by subject matter experts. This real world experience is one of the reasons why Hyla Soft has success in managing a PMO.

Hyla Soft has been involved in many large scale projects spanning several industries. This wealth of experience has given Hyla Soft’s project managers the needed manufacturing skills for managing a PMO team. Additionally, the PMO team members at Hyla Soft have gained significant experience from previous PMO projects. These types of skills include providing structure to multiple projects taking place within a company, establishing and maintaining standardized processes, risk management, project planning, and resource management.

Hyla Soft has years of experience and practice in a vast array of manufacturing industries and technologies. This strong manufacturing capability, combined with core IT project management skills and our company’s global presence, makes Hyla Soft the optimal partner in PMO consulting services.

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Software Development

At Hyla Soft we strive to change manufacturing, and we strive to provide each of our customers the solution that best fits their problem. Sometimes this means leveraging one of our partner’s state-of-the-art products and customizing it, and sometimes this means going off the beaten track and trying to invent something entirely new to perfectly match our customer’s needs.

In many cases the best solution might involve an OEM package with custom software development to fill in the gaps. Manufacturing has many unique process requirements and Hyla Soft sees that every solution requires a degree of custom software development to fill in the gaps. What does this mean? In some cases this means developing new front-end user interfaces using the latest web technologies, like HTML5, CSS, and AngularJS, then building a back end (database, services, REST, SOAP) to support the new screens and be fully integrated into the OEM package. This also means using OEM APIs correctly to ensure an upgrade path is maintained.

In some cases, the best solution doesn’t exist, so we invent the technology for our customer. Building a solid and maintainable solution is a difficult task, however. What might seem like the fastest way to ship and finalize a solution usually ends up incurring a higher overall cost due to the maintenance problems that arise after the product has already been shipped. Creating and maintaining software requires well-established quality standards and methods to deliver a superior product in a timely fashion.

Hyla Soft is the leading modern manufacturing application development firm that addresses your toughest, most complex software development challenges and delivers results. We are a full-service, professional services partner that has local consultants and a proven process. Hyla Soft will get your solutions ready by using premier technical talent in a flexible way that best suits your organization.

Our experience in the industry ranges from building software that supports the automated building of future airplanes to connecting Shop Floor CNC machines and Product Life Cycle data through order management. We support various industries such as Discrete, Aerospace, Chemical, Process, Automotive, Machine Shops, and many more. Whether you need bespoke software development, or additional custom programming services to complete an existing project, you can safely work with Hyla Soft.

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Sep 14, 2016


Lean Transformation, Quality & Six Sigma


The term ‘Lean Manufacturing’ has become a buzzword for instant success, now found in industries as diverse as finance and healthcare. The roots of Lean Manufacturing come from a set of methodologies to help manufacturers eliminate waste in all processes throughout the organization. Hyla Soft’s expertise in implementing Lean is driven by our deep understanding of the challenges manufacturers face and the tools they use to meet them.

Focus on Manufacturing 

Since the company’s founding in 2002, Hyla Soft has offered consulting services to the manufacturing industries.

Our consultants have deep experience at all levels of the manufacturing organization: from enterprise-level functions like resource planning, to plant-level functions like production scheduling, down to the lowest automation-level functions like robotics and machining. A consultant who’s done process improvement for a banking company will have trouble understanding the challenges faced by manufacturers during Lean implementation. Hyla Soft consultants understand manufacturing at a scale unrivaled by most other business consultants, and our deep knowledge helps us deliver sustainable Lean transformation.


In manufacturing, IT and business processes must work together seamlessly. As a leading systems integrator of manufacturing IT solutions, our technical expertise is a significant resource during Lean implementations.

For example:

  • Strategies to smooth material flow and reduce inventory are captured and verified in Plant Simulation software. Potential strategies are then compared and optimized before a costly implementation in a production environment.
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) and Lean material flow strategies are delivered by the plant’s Scheduling system to reduce inventory and WIP.
  • Business procedures are seamlessly captured by Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, which reduces error and rework and speeds business-critical processes.
  • Data collection and OEE systems empower manufacturers to minimize downtime of “bottleneck” equipment.

Plant-level systems like Scheduling, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and PLM are pillars of the day-to-day operation of manufacturers, and are therefore tightly linked to the success of a Lean implementation. Our deep experience with these systems helps us align the entire plant with the process improvements.


Along with Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma has become a proven pillar of manufacturing excellence. Hyla Soft’s expertise in helping clients implement Six Sigma and Quality systems stems from our foundation for process improvement: unparalleled experience with manufacturing challenges and best practices, and world-class knowledge of manufacturing IT.

Quality programs including Six Sigma are especially linked to the right IT systems, since they rely on information about the process to help manufacturers make smart decisions. Here are some examples of solutions that Hyla Soft has leveraged to support Quality programs:

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) systems capture real-time process information and allow Quality personnel to understand causes of variation within their processes. SPC is recognized as a critical tool for ensuring Quality, and a foundation of Hyla Soft’s IT expertise.
  • Shop floor integration allows manufacturing personnel to capture “As-built” data, allowing Quality teams to understand deviations from the intended process.
  • Data collection systems, including Machine Data Acquisition (MDA) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) allow Quality teams to understand causes of variation in the process from shop floor equipment. For example: at an Injection Molding facility, MDA reveals that the injection pressure is lower than expected for the process, resulting in scrap parts and unhappy customers. This information allows Quality personnel to target the variation and take informed action.

Hyla Soft provides services to our customers in launching and supporting Quality and Six Sigma programs, including:

  • ROI analysis on Quality system or Six Sigma implementation
  • Quality system implementation
  • Six Sigma program implementation and workshops

Please click on the Contact an Expert button to get connected with a consulting services expert.

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Apr 29, 2016


System Design & Implementation

Hyla Soft consultants are cross-functional experts possessing technical expertise fused with experience in multiple business domains developed over 20 years of industry participation.

As a highly project-oriented consulting organization, we employ agile software development methodologies to leverage the experience of our consultants to design and build value-driven software solutions that meet the specific business needs of our customers.

Our consultants work closely with our customers, often coming to be thought of more as internal employees rather than external consultants, in order to truly understand the customer's specific business environment and culture to facilitate the free flow of information and ideas and to ultimately deliver a high quality software solution that fully meets and exceeds all client expectations.

It all starts with customer requirement analysis, during which we spend time with our clients to fully understand their business case and points of pain in order to first determine if Hyla Soft is the correct organization to address the issue. If it is determined that Hyla Soft can help develop a solution to address our client’s business needs, then a User Requirements Specification (URS) can be developed, which lists and details each specific end-user use case that will be required of the proposed system. This is an area where Hyla Soft consultants really shine. We pride ourselves on working with the same passion, whether we are working with line operators or chief executives. The goal is to gather and define all of the system requirements so that the final result is a system that is truly useful and beneficial to the company and to the end users.

In addition to defining user requirements, a System Design document is drafted that details the specific business processes that will be modeled and streamlined using the proposed software solution. In preparation of this document, Hyla Soft consultants will focus on applying their personal industry experience to fully understand the customer's unique business operations and help guide them through the process of visualizing their workflow as it will exist in the proposed software solution. This is where customers truly appreciate the cross-functional expertise of our consultants, as their business knowledge and experience allows them to apply their technical expertise in exactly the right areas to meet clients' business needs. When the User Requirements Specification and System Design documents are completed, a proposal can be issued.

Once the proposal is accepted, a Functional Design Specification (FDS) document is created in order to give a high-level overview of every function of the new system. The FDS ties everything together by explaining exactly how the user requirements defined in the URS will be addressed within the process workflow defined in the System Design document. The FDS is then translated into an even more detailed document known as a Detailed Design Specification (DDS) that details exactly how each function of the system will be addressed from a a programming perspective.

The development team uses information in the DDS to learn exactly how to program the final system and what the specific input and output data will look like. Development is executed in an iterative cycle as new requirements are almost always discovered during the system development phase and can be easily added in as change requests thanks to our agile development methodology. All programming and development is done in an isolated environment where the team can use test data and procedures to discover bugs before they are introduced into production.

A Quality Assurance (QA) Environment is created with identical hardware and software to the final Production Environment for testing purposes. All newly developed content is moved from the Development Environment to the QA Environment for testing and acceptance before being put into the final Production Environment. This procedure ensures that all content being used in Production is stable and proven to minimize risk.

The result of this process is a high quality final software solution that is guaranteed to meet all of your business needs since everything is based on planning and analysis that puts you and your requirements at the center of the software development lifecycle. You have the business need; Hyla Soft has the knowledge, experience, and processes in place to meet and exceed that need.

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Software Vendor Selection

The marketplace for enterprise class manufacturing software is complex and constantly evolving. Sure, there is no shortage of vendors competing for your business, but with dozens of companies all claiming to offer best-in-class products, how do you choose the right solution? You want to make sure you choose something that meets your needs and will leave you room to grow without paying for bells and whistles that you'll never use. An incorrect choice could prove costly and cause more harm than good.

You need a partner with marketplace experience who can guide you through the pros and cons of each option. Someone who can cut through the sales pitches and help you perform an apples-to-apples comparison among the available vendors and software solutions so that you can make the best decision for your business. You need Hyla Soft.

Our expert consultants will start by analyzing or, if necessary, writing your user requirement documentation to ensure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the business objectives of the proposed IT solution. Once documented, your business requirements will drive the rest of the process as we help you identify, solicit information from, and compare the vendors and software solutions that best fit your specific needs.

At Hyla Soft, we know that the best vendor selection projects are:

  • Led by the business and enabled by IT
  • Based on well-defined, agreed-upon business requirements
  • Unbiased and open to all potential vendors and solutions
  • Inclusive of all stakeholders
  • Committed to creating consensus, not endless discussions
  • Focused on making the best overall selection for the business

Our vendor-neutral approach combined with our real world experience implementing manufacturing IT solutions means we can provide insight to help you understand the true capabilities of each vendor’s proposed solution and therefore choose the one that best meets the needs of your business.

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Sep 17, 2013



During our countless plant visits throughout the years, our team of consultants has witnessed the manufacturing process of almost any product or good you could imagine. Despite our extensive experience in factories, we have never opened a production facility of our own. It just wouldn’t play to our strengths.

To most of our customers, this decision seems obvious. Why would a consulting business focused on manufacturing IT break from their core focus to compete against other manufacturers? They wouldn’t. Why, then, should a business focused on manufacturing excellence diverge from their core strengths to build a team of manufacturing software experts?

They shouldn’t. This is precisely where Hyla Soft’s outsourcing practices can help your enterprise make the most effective use of its limited resources.

Our consultants are available to staff your MES, PLM, S&OP, and other manufacturing software projects on a temporary basis in short-term or long-term engagements. Our consultants can provide on-site support for your efforts, offering unsurpassed expertise in development, configuration, deployment, training, and support of manufacturing IT software. If your team needs any of these skill sets on a temporary basis, we offer daily, monthly, or, when necessary, yearly rates to help you achieve your project’s objectives in the most expedient and effective way possible.

When searching for contractors and consultants, Hyla Soft’s competitors are many and varied. Yet in our niche, we are unrivaled. When it comes to supporting your manufacturing software projects, no other company has the global reach and depth of experience that Hyla Soft offers. Our consultants bring with them the most cutting-edge knowledge, the most proven methodologies, and the most successful best practices in the manufacturing IT landscape.

If your manufacturing enterprise could benefit from temporarily outsourcing software or IT duties, contact us at for more information and learn how we can help contribute to the success of your project.

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Return of Investment (ROI) Analysis

One of the most important parts of any project is the upfront planning and Business Case analysis that goes into determining whether there is a business justification for design and development efforts to move forward.

With over 20 years of experience working with clients in the manufacturing industry, Hyla Soft understands our clients’ businesses, and we can help you set realistic goals and expectations of the specific results a software solution will generate so that you can calculate a reliable ROI for the project. We are happy to provide business case analyses services both for projects that we will eventually execute and as a neutral 3rd party.

Hyla Soft has the experience and expertise to analyze and fully understand your existing business processes and evaluate proposed projects to determine:

  • The investment value and business importance of the project
  • If your existing infrastructure is sufficient to support the development of the project
  • Whether the required expertise exists within your organization or an outside consulting company will be required
  • If there is potential to identify and execute other projects with higher potential value to your organization or if it makes sense to group related projects into a single portfolio to take advantage of a shared benefit

We are dedicated to working with our clients to identify and execute projects that will provide maximum value and create the greatest possible competitive advantage. Let us put our experience and expertise to work to help you plan for the most profitable and successful projects.

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System Integration

Manufacturing is a complex industry and the number of systems that are utilized to streamline and control the manufacturing process grows exponentially as technology progresses. Manufacturers rely on these systems to bring their products to consumers efficiently and profitably. Everything from Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), which plan and control the production process, to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), which manages a product from concept to production, and to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), that unifies an enterprise globally.

These systems are not just nice to have; they are required in today's highly competitive market. In order to utilize them to their full potential, these systems need to communicate and operate in a unified way. In order to accomplish this, broad expertise from the top of the stack to the bottom is required.

Hyla Soft is among the most successful and skilled system integrators in the manufacturing sector, and it is our detailed approach that has put us here. There are several steps that are required in order to ensure the success of any system integration project, which together complete a proven process our team of experts has utilized to help companies of all shapes and sizes and across many different industry sectors

The following outlines just a few of the steps involved in our approach to System Integration:

  • Detailed Analysis and Requirements Gathering - Every project starts with the task of analyzing the needs of our client to determine what use cases are necessary to meet the stated objectives of the project. In order to obtain the desired outcome on a given project, our solution architects methodically step through every aspect of a client’s manufacturing process in order to understand where they are at and, more importantly, where they should be.
  • Technical Design - Once a project’s requirements have been captured and refined, a technical design is made to implement those requirements. Our solution architects work with our technical leads and senior engineers to develop a detailed solution that is both cost-effective and technically capable of meeting the project goals. Manufacturing IT is complex and only a thorough technical design is sufficient to ensure a successful project.
  • Project Management - Even before the technical design is completed, Hyla Soft's project managers work to ensure that the right resources are dedicated to the project. The project manager creates a detailed execution plan that outlines all of the needed technical resources and milestones for a project. Having the right technical expertise available is critical to the success of a project.
  • Project Delivery and Testing - Before handing the solution off to the client, it must be fully tested to ensure that it meets all of the use cases and project requirements. The solution architect will work with the technical leads to create a detailed test plan that will be executed to ensure that all of the project’s objectives have been met.

When it comes to delivering complex projects on time and on budget, having an experienced team is critical. Hyla Soft has the advantage of being able to draw from some of the most skilled and talented engineers available in the field. We have experience with complex integration projects on almost every continent. From requirements gathering to project delivery, Hyla Soft's consultants ensure that all of the objectives are met. When it comes to ensuring a project’s success, Hyla Soft is second to none.

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