Skillaware Performance Support & Learning Analytics

Skillaware is an innovative software platform that combines the benefits of Electronic Performance Support, Business Process Improvement & Guidance, and Online Learning & Knowledge Management and Analytics.


Source: Skillaware Performance Support & Learning Analytics

Skillaware helps you better engage, support and onboard your workforce during the rollout and uptake of new digital processes and software platforms within your organization.

Skillaware’s advanced technology integrates new generation algorithms and standards capable of automatically capturing the experience of the most capable software users in your organization and sharing their process knowledge with novice users by means of automatically generated:

  • Technical Documentation (PDF, Word, DITA)
  • Videos (MPEG4 with Text-to-Speech)
  • GPS-Like Software Navigation Guides
  • Rule-Based Decision Support
  • Learning Analytics (TINCAN, XAPI)

The different modules of the Skillaware offering include:

  • The SkillEditor is a powerful desktop authoring environment capable of capturing the experience of expert software users performing Standard Operating Procedures then automatically generating multiple support and training materials in various formats and media (e.g. technical documentation, training videos, live performance support guides, etc.)
  • The SkillBoard is a distributed web environment available on your company’s intranet or cloud infrastructure. Based on a central content and knowledge repository of all of your company’s software Standard Operating Procedures, SkillBoard supports continuous process standardization and improvement.
  • The SkillAgent is a patented technology module designed to work like an intelligent global positioning system (“GPS”) for your organization’s existing software processes. Capable of understanding the specific application, task and screen in which a novice software user needs help, the SkillAgent delivers just-in-time, context-aware support and guidance.
  • The SkillAnalyzer is a learning and performance analytics module designed to track and monitor end user activity during the rollout of new software platforms in your organization. By providing full visibility into the on-boarding process, SkillAnalyzer supports higher user acceptance, better workforce performance, and an easier transition to the digital company culture.
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